System definition

       A system definition should have descriptions for all 6 BATOFF topics. The abbreviation BATOFF comes from 6 initials: betingelser, anvendelsesområde, teknologi, objekter, funktioner, filosofi (conditions, area of usage, technology, objects, functions, philosophy). You can write a system definition as 6 items (good for programmers) or as a more fluent, connected text (good for customers). Partial example:
       B: there are 3 months for the development of the game.
       A: all the players will be teenagers.
       T: the game will be placed on a Linux server and use PHP.
       O: player, board, ship...
       F: you can find an opponont, start a new game, and play it out.
       F. the players should have fun while they play.
       A system definition is done rather early in the project. It's possible to make more than one, and let the customer choose the best - the one best fitted to needs and visions.

Concept last updated: 10/06 2004.


is a kind of
is a kind of
can be part of

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