These are 2 examples of scripting languages - i.e. simple programming languages not compiled. They are both good at running at webservers, running serverside. I.e., if I ask what time it is, I'll get the answer from the webserver, not the client. And I can gain access to e.g. a database, that's also on the webserver.
       Both languages are XHTML with embedded program pieces. The program produces more XHTML, and the browser only sees XHTML. In special cases the document doesn't contain/produce any XHTML, but e.g. makes a correction in a database, and then makes sure another page is shown.
       Active Server Page was invented by Microsoft - typically this is VBScript (originates in Visual Basic), embedded in XHTML. There files have .asp as suffix.
       PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is primarily used on Linux servers, and is free. These files have .php as suffix.
       In very large programs in e.g. javascript, you can easily feel the connection in the program. If e.g. a variable is initiated, it will still be available 5 minutes later. When working with client server, it is easy to end up with a lot of small program pieces, and none of them know the past. To avoid this, you can use sessions, which allow variables to live a long time and be known by different program pieces.

Concept last updated: 06/05 2004.


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