Pattern of behavior

       When the first class diagram is ready, it's time to describe attributes for the classes and make patterns of behavior.
       You can describe a chain of events for a single object. These can be very different, e.g. because objects of the same class can have very different lifespans - some players play every day for a year, others just come once, and are then removed from the system.
       After the event chains have been explored a pattern of behavior can be made, describing all possible chains of events. The example on the left describes the different things a field might experience - e.g. that it might have a ship or not, and that it might be hit or not.
       As the classes get patterns of behavior, the attributes are also noted. I note e.g., that for a field I need to know, whehter it has a ship, and whether it's been hit.

Concept last updated: 15/06 2004.


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