Class diagram

       When the classes have been uncovered and added to the class event table, the classes must be structured.
       There are 4 kinds of structure - the 2 between classes, and the other 2 between objects.
       Generalization: 2 classes are connected in a way so one is a generalization of the other. E.g.: a sub is a ship.
       Cluster: these are classes are connected with either generalization or aggregation (see below), and are collected in a cluster for overview.
       Aggregation: an object consists of other objects. E.g.: the field is part of the gameboard.
       Association: two objects are just connected. E.g.: the gameboard is connected with one player.
       The classes are put together in pairs, and if natural sentences can be made containing the names of both classes, there might also be a structure between them.

Concept last updated: 11/06 2004.


can be a part of

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