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Hi whoever-you-are!

(Or "Hejsa" in Danish.)

Thank you for stopping by. As always: these pages are under construction - and here's the proof: this is what this page looked like in 1996 - my first ever homepage!

I was born March 2 1967, original air date of the Star Trek episode This Side Of Paradise, and I've spent a lot of my life learning. Now I've got a master of science degree and my latest challenge is to try to handle a job at Fujitsu. Right now I'm also trying to sell a book. My home is in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. My main hobby is music. My main interest in fiction is of the science kind.

Vil du gerne lęse mere om mit job?

Wanna see a picture of me?
Wanna know why I made this home page?
Wanna know some more about my hobbies?
The glorious links.
My taste in music.
Something about books.
And about movies.

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