Books Puzzle, 2003


Tags: Babylon 5 Me Movies Science fiction Star Trek

Uhm, movies. Well, I've seen some of those too. And whatever else comes along on the screen. I guess I'm a full fledged trekkie, after seeing Raumschiff Enterprise on German TV as a child. (No, Danish television isn't my favorite.) Saw Next Generation as well, and all of the motion pictures. (A bit later, I was also uptodate on Voyager, Deep Space 9 and Enterprise.) Then I started watching Babylon 5. And then Matrix happened... With Red Dwarf in the running, it became harder to decide what to see ... And while we're at the funny stuff, I've spent untold days trying to learn the sketches of Monty Python's Flying Circus by heart. (Almost there in some cases ...) And other fun stuff? Well, I think I do know both When Harry met Sally and A Bunny's Tale by heart. Such wonderful, funny stories about intelligent people falling in love, finding out who they are, all those important things. Hm, that description sounds familiar. Did I mention I like Shadowlands as well?

And the magnificent links: Star Trek, Babylon 5, When Harry met Sally, A Bunny's Tale, Shadowlands.

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