The 5 document dimensions

       These 5 dimensions are used to describe the different parts of a multimedia document. Below XHTML documents are used as an example of that, but you could say something similar about e.g. a CD ROM.
       Content: here are the things, that could have been prepared in other programs: text, graphics, video, sound, applets, ActiveX, Shockwave, Flash etc. (Note that these parts might also have these 5 dimensions, but from the point of view of XHTML, it's "just" content.)
       Structure: here the content is "bent into shape", through headlines, lists, tables etc.
       Meaning: these tags also carry a meaning. E.g. a headline h1 followed by a headline h2 means, that the last headline is subordinate to the first. Or an enumerated list typically means, that the items are ordered after importance - the most important item first.
       Layout: we typically do this with CSS, handling colors, fonts, exact placement etc.
       Behavior: here we use Javascript, that can handle the programming, affecting changes on the page - e.g. make a calculator, where the result will appear in a certain field. Or just letting an image change.

Concept last updated: 06/05 2004.


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