This tag is used to add pictures. The most important attribute is src, showing the name and place of the picture. Example:

<img src="ship.gif" />
       Another important attribute is border. This is used e.g. to show whether a picture, that's also a link, should have a "link border".
       Two other attributes often used are width and height, who (not surprisingly) show width and height. If you give the right sizes, you have helped yourself and the browser - you can easier remember the dimensions of the picture, e.g. inside a table, also having a width, and the browser can reserve space for the picture and show the surrounding text, before the picture is loaded. If you give the wrong sizes, the picture might be shown "wrong" - e.g. a big picture can be shown as a thumb nail - but this is not recommended, as the "small" picture uses the same bandwidth.

Concept last updated: 09/10 2003.


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