A storyboard represents the screens, the user will meet during a run of the program. E.g. on the left there's the screen from a prototype to a battleships game, the page where the 2 players are playing against each other. As a storyboard it illustrates where the 2 boards should be, who you're playing against etc.
       The storyboard documents the presentation design - e.g. where buttons, photos and text should be. Colors and style are also documented. The programmer has to know these things, to be able to realize them.
       There has to be a sketch for every screen, to have a complete storyboard.
       A storyboard for a movie has an extra function, because it also shows the order of the pictures. We won't have that function in our storyboard for a home page or CD-ROM.

Concept last updated: 06/05 2004.


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