Navigation diagram

       The purpose of a navigation diagram is to illustrate the navigation on a home page e.g. The individual pages are boxes, with the file name. There's an arrow from one box to another if there's a link from one to the other - so, in this example, there's a link on the page index.html to rules.html.
       You can also illustrate contact to a database - in this case newgame.asp contacts a database, before producing the ready page, shown in the browser.
       As with all other kinds of documentation, it should be considered whether a navigation diagram actually makes things clearer. With a very complex diagram, it might be better to have more than one diagram, and then loosely show, what their connection is. In some cases, there are things hard to illustrate - e.g. frames. Some things are easier to write in text - e.g. "and all pages link back to index.html".

Concept last updated: 08/08 2003.


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