Dreamweaver is a tool for handling home pages comfortably. You can knit a home page, and within the same program see what it will look like. You can finish the page, and within the same program upload it to the webserver. And when you're an expert in writing XHTML tags etc., you can use the functions in Dreamweaver to produce XHTML, without having to type the tags.
       There are other XHTML tools than Dreamweaver. E.g. Microsoft makes Frontpage. When you want to evaluate how good a tool is, you look for this among other things: what possibilities does this tool offer (do I have to type all the tags myself? - how easy is it to make advanced stuff?), and how nice are the tags (can I read the tags, if the tool produced them? - is it XHTML or HTML?). It's also a paramter whether both beginners and experts can use this tool to their advantage. Using these parameters, Dreamweaver is currently ahead.

Concept last updated: 20/11 2003.


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