Deep Space Nine, Season 2 Voyager, Season 2

Voyager, Season 1

Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
721 / 1:1
The creative, aggressive technician.
The unpopular rebel pilot.
The naive boy, with strong bonds to his parents.
A long way from home.
The captain with a scientific background and family.
Abducted by aliens nad probed! :-)
When water is something special.
The cranky doctor.
Overprotective parent.
A hodge podge crew.
103 / 1:2
Deciding a promotion and other procedures in the hodge podge crew.
Fun with time and space.
104 / 1:3
Time and again
Time travel.
The state doing something incredibly stupid.
Prime directive.
105 / 1:4
Creative medicine.
Being chroniccally ill, and paralyzed.
The doctor grows.
106 / 1:5
The cloud
A company, or a family?
Chez Sandrine, for the first time.
An unexpected kind of life.
107 / 1:6
Eye of the needle
Is the hologram alive? Does he deserve respect?
Time travel.
108 / 1:7
Ex post facto
New kind of punishment.
Love at first sight.
Murder mystery.
109 / 1:8
Death. The after-life. Faith.
Self-sacrifice / suicide.
Time for reflection.
110 / 1:9
Prime factors
Stories, almost as a currency. Considered very valuable.
Prime directive, from the flip side.
Pleasure as a life goal. Repetition is boring. Deep thought is too hard.
Official/unofficial. Legal/illegal. Chain of command. Principles! Breaking them is wrong.
Honesty and integrity.
Very good!
111 / 1:10
State of flux
Hunting a traitor.
"Was I naive?"
112 / 1:11
Heroes and demons
Our crew, and pre-vikings.
The hologram on his first away mission. Away from the "office" for the first time, ever.
Appreciation for the unappreciated. Even a kiss.
113 / 1:12
114 / 1:13
2 subconscious parts, fighting, then cooperating.
"Beware what you wish for..."
115 / 1:14
War, death, surrender.
Scientists just develop weapons, they don't deploy them...
A crewmember, dying.
Bringing the dead back to life. Won't work.
116 / 1:15
Learning curve
Field training.
Bonding through crisis.
Bending the rules.

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