Deep Space Nine, Season 1 Voyager, Season 1

Deep Space Nine, Season 2

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Number / Name Why I liked it
421 / 2:1
The homecoming
Rescuing POWs.
Choosing which should be rescued, and which not...
A war hero. A new leader? A symbol. A legend.
Expectations. Exaggerations.
A crewmember replaced!
422 / 2:2
The circle
A spiritual experience. A prophecy.
Civil war. Weird politics.
423 / 2:3
The siege.
424 / 2:4
Invasive procedures
Not accepting a test result.
The crook changing personality, becoming a friend. Will he continue the crime? Will he lose his old loved one?
425 / 2:5
Prejudice. Against children.
A child in a political game?
A mystery.
426 / 2:6
A proud "handicapped". Proud - and impolite. Handicap = identity.
Recognizing verbal attacks.
We all need help.
Falling in love.
A wonder cure.
427 / 2:7
Rules of aquisition
A woman with ambition.
"Woman disguised as man falls in love with man."
428 / 2:8
Necessary evil
The station, 5 years ago.
"If I tell him this, will we stay friends?"
429 / 2:9
Second sight
The widower with a new woman.
The subconscious made real.
Divorce. Love.
430 / 2:10
Dominion, again.
Refugess. Who can't stay.
We benefit from openness.
431 / 2:11
Stealing and abusing peoples secrets.
432 / 2:12
The alternate
A crewmembers father. Controlling.
Glimpses of a forgotten past.
Searching for a criminal - possibly oneself? Dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde.
433 / 2:13
Armegeddon game
2 crewmembers die. It seems...
Catching a terrible disease.
Partners and career. Marriage.
Destroying a weapon, and all knowledge about it. Including people.
434 / 2:14
Everybody gets to be liars.
I am not me.
A nice mystery to the end.
435 / 2:15
When technology doesn't work.
Paradise. Which of course it isn't.
Unbreakable principles.
436 / 2:16
Education. Choosing the right one.
We are all fake. But - what is reality?
437 / 2:17
Playing God
Do what you want.
438 / 2:18
Profit and loss
Political refugee. Fighting a military government.
An old love.
The Cause or personal happiness?
Very good!
439 / 2:19
Blood oath
Whether to keep a promise.
Whether to kill.
Great warriors with gray hair.
Whether to live.
440 / 2:20
The Maquis, part I
Terrorists. And the leaders on both sides working together against them.
A warlike Vulcan?
An admiral as terrorist!
441 / 2:21
The Maquis, part II
Who do we help, and who do we hinder? When it's not black/white.
442 / 2:22
The wire
Detoxification. Withdrawal.
An almost nice person, suddenly arrogant.
People in an SF series reading SF!
443 / 2:23
Alternate universe. More violent, darker. The humans much lower. But the good captain a pirate! And no. 2 a slightly insane no. 1.
A continuation of a TOS episode!
Love thy self.
The shapechanger is shot - nice effect.
444 / 2:24
The collaborator
Visions. Prophecy. Destiny.
Campaign before the election.
Traitors. But how many? And what is treason? And what about my lover?
445 / 2:25
The tribunal
Caught in a nightmare of a legal system.
446 / 2:26
The Jem'Hadar
Finally we see part of the Dominion. Very powerful, and pissed off.

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