Next generation, Season 6 Deep Space Nine, Season 1

Next generation, Season 7

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Number / Name Why I liked it
253 / 7:1
Descent, part II
A good one turning evil.
In the absence of leadership, anybody can step in as the next leader.
254 / 7:2
Researching "certain concepts": love, pleasure and antagonism. Secretly, and to the extreme.
255 / 7:3
Seeing and moving through a mashine.
Mother missing - stubbornly presumed alive.
Saying goodbye to the dead.
256 / 7:4
Gambit, part I
The captain dies. And the no. 1 goes missing. The android in command.
Our crew as mercenaries.
257 / 7:5
Gambit, part II
A new no. 1.
Combining the chain of command with friendship.
To kill with a thought. The ultimate defense? Oh, I like this!
And a humorous end too.
Quite good.
258 / 7:6
A dream. A nightmate.
259 / 7:7
Dark page
A new, difficult language.
An old neurosis re-surfacing. Grief. I am touched.
Visiting the subconscious.
A long dead father. And a sister!
260 / 7:8
Unity at home before trying unity in a larger setting.
Telepathy. (Again?) Suddenly!
Paranoia. (Excuse me, "security".)
Hint at a love for years - and then finally show it.
Choose love?
261 / 7:9
Force of nature
Speed limits! Because of pollution.
Forced to destroy (and selfdestruct), in order to save.
262 / 7:10
The android has a mother. (In more than one sense.) Telling embarrassing baby stories!
Having children, who might not survive.
Ignorance is bliss?
263 / 7:11
2 of the crew becoming stepbrother and sister. Or even married!
Alternate universes, gradually changing. Disorientation.
The crew in general changing status.
Humor. "285,000 hails" indeed.
264 / 7:12
The Pegasus
Running into a former captain. Having to lie to the present captain.
Should orders just be obeyed?
We change as we get older.
Passing through solid matter - like a ghost.
Taking responsibility.
Actually quite good!
265 / 7:13
A foster brother. A sister in law! And a niece or nephew!
The P.D.
266 / 7:14
Sub rosa
A (dead) grandmother. And her young lover - inherited!
Women discussing men.
A ghost.
267 / 7:15
Lower decks
For once, seeing the decisions from the outside, not knowing everything.
Seeking promotion.
The 2 parallel poker games.
If unfair, then protest.
Secrets. From friends.
Losing a crewmember.
Actually rather good.
268 / 7:16
Thine own self
Amnesia. The android forgets his nature. And dies!
Education. Evaluation.
Science. The empirical method.
New & strange = dangerous.
It is exciting to command.
269 / 7:17
The android with multiple personalities: a whole mythology.
270 / 7:18
Eye of the beholder
A jumper - a suicide.
Reliving somebody else's life - and death.
An affair between crewmembers.
271 / 7:19
The crew as animals.
The children are the future!
272 / 7:20
Journey's end
Forcibly moving groups of people.
Prophecy. Vision.
Identity crisis.
The right to make our own choices.
273 / 7:21
Children, and expectations of parents.
Tradition, heritage.
Time travel.
Is it weak to opt for peace?
274 / 7:22
A surprise son! Making a first connection.
275 / 7:23
Surreal. A metaphor. Symbols.
The ship gains intelligence. And procreates.
276 / 7:24
Preemptive strike
Continuing to fight, after the peace treaty.
Infiltration. Spying. Cross, and double cross.
A new father.
747 / 7:25
All good things...
Time travel.
What happens to the crew in the future - except, now they know.
Developing romances.
A 3D space battle - how unusual.

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