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Next generation, Season 6

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Number / Name Why I liked it
227 / 6:1
Time's arrow, part II
The beginning of a friendship.
228 / 6:2
Realm of fear
Fear. Phobia. Therapy.
A transport, seen from the inside.
Fearing the worst - and it happens.
When to speak up. When to believe.
229 / 6:3
Man of the people
Serenity. By transferring the negative feelings to somebody else.
Jealous. And horny...
Interesting shot with 2 mirrors.
Friendship. (Deanna and Will.)
230 / 6:4
A Dyson sphere.
Scotty! Living history.
2 engineers.
Old. Alone. Useless.
231 / 6:5
Time disappearing.
Guinea pigs.
232 / 6:6
True Q
Harnessing one's powers. Choosing whether to use them.
Choosing to be one's identity.
233 / 6:7
Our crew, as children.
Having a childs mind.
243 / 6:8
A fistful of Datas
Our crew in the wild west. Especially the android, who gets to play all the parts!
235 / 6:9
The quality of life
The android gets a family. But is it life? And is it friendly?
236 / 6:10
Chain of command, part I
Getting a new boss.
237 / 6:11
Chain of command, part II
Torture. Humiliation.
Other new bosses.
238 / 6:12
Ship in a bottle
Moriarty. Intelligent.
Mind over matter!
Illusion. Simulation. Illusion within illusion!
Complicated. Good!
239 / 6:13
Learning about someone dead through her personal letters home. And then she's not dead! And feels - exposed.
240 / 6:14
Face of the enemy
Some very effective use of darkness in the beginning.
The counselor as a Romulan. The softspoken getting an edge.
241 / 6:15
The captain dies.
If I could go back and do it again...
Taking chances.
Very good.
242 / 6:16
Birthright, part I
A long dead father is alive!
The android dreams. About his father.
Some interesting paintings.
243 / 6:17
Birthright, part II
A prison, or a chosen home?
Life, or honor? Life, or a meaning?
When truth spells trouble.
Prejudice. Mixed marriage.
Cultural or genetic?
244 / 6:18
Starship mine
Small talk.
The captain, incognito on his own ship.
Stealing uranium. Terrorists.
245 / 6:19
Can a captain be in love with a crewmember? No.
Love or career?
Simple. Elegant. Good.
246 / 6:20
The chase
Change career?
Diversity, but still unity.
A giant, ancient jigsaw puzzle - encrypted!
An explanation for why so many races look the same way - a mystery first seen in TOS!
247 / 6:21
Frame of mind
Impressive mirror effect.
248 / 6:22
Scientific research. Involving death.
Facing losing the job.
A murder mystery.
249 / 6:23
Rightful heir
Klingon overdrive.
A religious crisis.
Waiting for God - and suddenly, there he is!
A society needing a new leader.
250 / 6:24
Second chances
If no. 1 had stayed super-ambitious.
If there were 2 copies of a person, separate for many years.
If an old love was suddenly there again.
A nice little treasure hunt.
Being insubordinate to oneself.
251 / 6:25
Fun with time.
Disasters unfolding in slow motion.
252 / 6:26
Descent, part I
Stephen Hawking!
The emotionless experiences feelings.

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