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Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
Fantastic opening, with the spinning bottle.
Old/new. Old/young. Retired/active. Experienced/not. Dead/alive.
Fun with time. 2nd chances.
The ultimate hero finally running out of luck.
The emotionless learning about emotions. Including love (for a cat).
Forcing development.
Death of the captains pseudo-son.
Self-confidence. Obsession. (Soran.)
Paradise. The high of drugs. Not real. Not good.
Stellar cartography.
Fun with the ship. Crashing the ship. Big time. And then blowing it up.
The captain with the possibility of wife and children of his own.
Kirk is dating a horse! :-)
A strange handgun.
First contact
Because of my past, I am not trusted. Rightfully... I am not in defense, I seek revenge.
A nifty new ship.
Time travel. How to prevent/protect a historic moment, a turning point.
A post armegeddon society.
Humor. Deanna drunk, priceless. "Sounds Swedish." Introducing Vulcans to rock'n'roll.
One movie drawing on 3 TV-series.
A terryfying invasion. Evacuate? And if yes, does the captain stay?
Assembling the queen, looks impressive.
The first meeting between 2 cultures.
Sneaking "Star trek" into the dialogue.
The pressure of having to be a hero some day.
EVA. Inventive use of zero gravity.
Is the ends growth or perfection? Are the means force?
Temptation. Sex.
Badass oneliners.
Friends help each other.
A primitive society, by choice. But skilled, mentally. Living in the moment. Paradise. Invisible intruders. An elaborate kidnapping plan.
A super android run amok. Gone from gentle to hostile. Sick. Is termination the only choice?
The search for immortality. The hard way. Or as a gift, accepted as such.
An old love affair rekindled - yeah! And the captain in love too. Rejuvenation all around.
Forced relocation of "tribes" is not okay.
The scary sight of the captain taking off his pips.
Running people beamed out, looks good.
Learning more about humanity by emulating children.
The effect that hatred is bigger between family members than in any other situation.
The captain's couch.
A new and terrible weapon. Cool.
A romance finally turned into a wedding - yeah! A very good, at times moving, speach from the best man.
The captain has a new toy.
Yet another brother for the android. Slightly childlike. Innocent. Dangerous.
A character from a sister series.
When is a clone or a copy cause for alarm?
The slaves turned rulers.
Mental rape.
What if I had been born a slave - would I have turned evil?
A small ship leaving a large ship - the long way around.
2 ships smashing together. And then, even worse, separating.
Accepting death to protect others.
Leaping between ships.
A dead crewmember.
No. 1 finally a captain.
Lots of creepy, dark green.
There's always a choice.

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