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Number / Name Why I liked it
The motion picture
The search for absolute logic, absolute non-emotion. But emotions are necessary.
Being demoted. Does the new old captain know his job? Is he too obsessed?
A rare transporter accident.
An old love affair.
When a friend is also a superior officer.
Long, beautiful shots.
How AI might see us.
An omniscient, omnipotent child.
Questions. Philosophical. Spiritual.
A marriage made in heaven. The birth of a new lifeform.
The wrath of Khan
Playing a game, that can't be won. To learn.
Feeling old.
Not being content in ones job.
Revenge. Won't work of course.
The power to create life. And destroy...
Mind control.
An old love. And, surprise, a grown son.
Intelligence has to be matched by an even temper.
Sacrifice. A dead friend and crewmember.
The search for Spock
Nice visual recycling of the end of the previous movie.
A dead man mysteriously not quite dead.
Enterprise retired! Destroyed.
Seeing a creative force as destructive.
Good lord! Reliving the moment of a friends death.
Not giving up, simply because things are hard.
Breaking rules. Because of loyalty.
The accustomed people in unaccutomed civilian clothes.
The younger generation, superior - or rahter, laughable. Impatient.
A rapidly agin boy/man.
A dead son.
An intelligent plan.
2 minds, 2 bodies, not evenly distributed.
"Fine, I'll kill you later." :-)
Admitting deep friendship.
The voyage home
Time travel. Our crew in the 1980s. If we could go with the crew.
Getting in trouble for the sins of the past: hunting a species to extinction.
Humor. Let's have fun!
Communication problems.
Saving Earth.
Great shot of a spaceship appearing in front of a boat.
Silhouettes against screens of static. Also great.
Demoted. With pleasure. Captain of a new ship. A new Enterprise. Touching.
Father and son. A father admitting a mistake.
The final frontier
A pacifist planet.
Therapy? The road to a happy life. Are we meant to walk it?
Hey! He's not supposed to laugh!
Shore leave.
Taking risks. No fear of dying?
When the company is also the family.
Life is but a dream?
A surprise brother.
Seeking taboo knowledge.
A feather dance.
Logic or emotion?
Finding Heaven! And God. Or? "What does God need with a starship?"
Great shot of the Klingon ship rising behind the hill.
"Not in front of the Klingons." :-)
Prophet? Messiah? Visionary?
The undiscovered country
A superpower ready to quit. Peace in sight. Diplomacy.
Promoted crewmembers.
Pride, "we don't need help".
Retirement looming ahead. But first, one final historic mission.
A friend, keeping secrets.
Prejudice. Old and conservative. Suspicion. Hating his sons murderers, their whole race. And her fathers murderers.
Murder mystery. Trial. (Impressive hammer the judge has!) Prison. Conspiracy. A trap.
A ceremony with candlelight etc.
Trusting the future.
Shakespeare. Sherlock Holmes.
"Signal our surrender." Gasp!
A female statesleader.
Beautiful translation-on-the-fly scene.
Telepathy, interrogation, pain... And regret at inflicting pain.
"I've been dead before." :-)
Submarine flavor.
And then our favorite crew gets a standing ovation. Before sailing into the sunset.
Peter Pan. Maybe the captain has his 2nd childhood, or just never grew up?

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