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Number / Name Why I liked it
201 / 5:1
Redemption, part II
Enemies who respect each other, drink together.
Can an android command a ship?
Time to work, time to play.
When not to obey an order.
202 / 5:2
An extraordinary language.
Very interesting.
203 / 5:3
Ensign Ro
The very unpopular crewmember.
A people after years and years of war.
Tricks, tricks, tricks... Politics and war.
Giving someone with potential a chance.
204 / 5:4
Silicon avatar
Hating an enemy.
Burying the dead.
Doing something for somebody else, not for one's own sake - doesn't work.
205 / 5:5
A non-commander in command.
A non-child-person handling children in his own way.
An unlikely birth helper.
Everybody having to think and work alone.
206 / 5:6
The game
Take over by a hostile force.
The last sane one on board.
208 / 5:7
Unification, part I
A traitor, defecting?
Facing senility.
Teasing a bureaucrat.
Our people playing by Klingon rules, and impersonating Romulans.
207 / 5:8
Unification, part II
Spock meets Data!
Very charming bar musician.
Very interesting!
209 / 5:9
A matter of time
Time travel. With a twist.
Changing the past - our crews present.
210 / 5:10
New ground
Should a child be with the parents?
A lying child. A stealing child. A child suffering a loss.
211 / 5:11
Hero worship
A child suffering a loss. Reaching out to the android. Emulating the android. (Which is emulating humans!)
212 / 5:12
Love. Excellent scene of Riken, with the comatose Troi.
Politely accusing.
Mental rape.
213 / 5:13
The masterpiece society
A world, closed off from everything else.
A perfect world, choosing only the best.
Only having those people, the society needs. Balance.
Nothing unexpected. Boring?
Life of principles?
Some qualities of life unacceptable.
A chance to leave the perfect society.
We grow through facing challenges.
Perfection is impossible.
Very intriguing.
214 / 5:14
Everybody has memory loss.
Rebuilding the chain of command, and the rest of the situation, letting the not-forgotten personalities decide.
Our crew, suddenly at war.
215 / 5:15
Power play
The unemotional android - angry.
The gentle empath - hard.
The family man - threatening his wife.
216 / 5:16
The warrior loses his ability to walk. And now wants euthanasia.
Medical experimental science.
Grasping for straws.
Serious surgery. Death. Well...
217 / 5:17
The outcast
No gender.
The male lover and the genderless visitor.
When heterosexuality is the abnormal state!
Room for diversity.
218 / 5:18
Cause and effect
Fun with time travel. And precognition.
Almost perfect - except, why does a time loop take time?
219 / 5:19
The first duty
The glory of extreme danger.
220 / 5:20
Cost of living
Parents and children. And "grandparents".
Enjoying life.
221 / 5:21
The perfect mate
An empath. Knowing what the nearest man wishes.
A woman as a gift. Being the perfect wife. Arranged marriage.
Studying the captain.
Forbidden love. Impossible love.
The perfect episode, except for the Ferengi.
222 / 5:22
Imaginary friend
Imaginary friends. (Surprise!) Friends.
Grownups restrict children, for their own good.
223 / 5:23
I, Borg
Helping the enemy.
The enemy is a person.
An individual who has never known individuality.
224 / 5:24
The next phase
2 crew members die. Become ghosts. Accepting death? How to get in touch with the "living".
225 / 5:25
The inner light
A chance at a very different life. The bachelor with a wife, and children.
A dying world, leaving something behind.
And then returning to the 1st life, years later!
A society I'd like to live in.
Very, very, very good. And so simple.
226 / 5:26
Time's arrow, part I
Time travel.
Facing one's own death. When expecting to live forever. Facing a friends death.
Our crew, in USA, 1900.

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