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Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
175 / 4:1
The best of both worlds, part II
Good shot of the shuttle leaving Enterprise.
The captain as bad, singleminded guy.
"Processing. Processing. Fascinating!" 100% the android.
Letting go.
178 / 4:2
Big events have big consequences.
Estranged brothers.
Development. Or not?
Saying the important things. Love.
A good fight clears the air.
Mental rape.
When a member of the family suffers, the rest helps.
177 / 4:3
The android is awesome when he decides to be so.
The android meets his dead father. His dying father.
The offer to suddenly get emotions.
Brothers forgive. Hm...
176 / 4:4
Suddenly human
Child abuse?
Respecting the choice of otehrs. Respect.
179 / 4:5
Remember me
Something like the end of "Demolished man".
Suddenly alone.
180 / 4:6
An interesting kind of war.
Fighting for peace.
A dead crewmans sister? Does it matter?
Cowardice. Or just choosing something other than war?
Friendship. With the android.
181 / 4:7
The Klingon gains a surprise son! And loses the mother.
The captain continues his Klingon career.
Complicated love.
The Klingon becomes a murderer.
Good one.
182 / 4:8
Future imperfect
Our crew suddenly years into the future.
Nice touch: the doctor is older, and slower.
Another surprise son!
An important B5 actor!
Being a good father.
False realities.
The need to be with other people.
183 / 4:9
Final mission
Not quitting.
A crewmember leaves!
184 / 4:10
The loss
Losing something truly valuable. Accepting that.
185 / 4:11
Data's day
Events, not seen from "within".
Nice, quiet surprise.
186 / 4:12
The wounded
Hostility towards the former enemy.
187 / 4:13
Devil's due
Religion. Prophecy, abusing it.
Turning from technology to agriculture.
Technology disguised as magic. A con artist!
"The advocate will refrain from making her opponent disappear."
188 / 4:14
A mystery.
Is the android lying?
189 / 4:15
First contact
Science, going too fast.
First contact, standard procedure.
The lover, forced to make love.
An imaginative version of how we might have been.
Our crew, seen from the outside.
190 / 4:16
Galaxy's child
Killing a first contact.
"You seem to know things about me..."
191 / 4:17
Night terrors
Tired. Paranoid.
Slowly going mad.
Dream deprivation.
192 / 4:18
Identity crisis
An interesting holodeck reconstruction.
The invisible man.
193 / 4:19
The Nth degree
Phantasy. Theater.
The nerd is suddenly even more intelligent, and confident.
Man/machine connection.
Power corrupts.
194 / 4:20
Women, off to compare notes. Funny!
"You never told any of your friends about me."
Our crew in Sherwood Forest.
195 / 4:21
The drumhead
196 / 4:22
Half a life
Determined woman going after a man.
Elderly love.
Deeply touching. Very good.
197 / 4:23
The host
The doctor in love. One consciousness, many bodies.
The doctor in love with the first officer / the lover!
A hint of lesbianism.
198 / 4:24
The mind's eye
Brain washed.
False memories. Frustration at knowing they are false.
199 / 4:25
In theory
The android practices being a boyfriend.
Trying too hard.
200 / 4:26
Honor restored. Lies exposed.
Wearing two hats. Making it simple, and resigning from one of them.
Civil war.
The actor behind a dead crewmember shows up as - what?

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