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Next generation, Season 3

Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
150 / 3:1
Admitting a mistake.
Putting all your eggs in one basket.
First contact.
How to live up to oneself as child genius.
Weird negotiations.
149 / 3:2
The ensigns of command.
When the law is the only acceptable way, using the law better than the opponent.
The limitations of the android.
The importance of things, of home.
151 / 3:3
The survivors.
How to help.
A pacifist, killing in anger.
An immortal loving a mortal.
152 / 3:4
Who watches the watchers?
Prime directive.
Studying primitive cultures, to understand ourselves.
A person being seen as a god.
Not accepting death.
First contact.
Good one!
153 / 3:5
The bonding
A child losing a parent.
Should parents avoid risks?
The crew losing a member.
Should the death of strangers be felt just as much as the death of a loved one?
The Klingon losing a person under his command.
Klingon culture.
Repressing feelings.
Reality is better.
Pain and joy are both essential.
Excellent Trek!
154 / 3:6
The booby trap
Dating = be yourself. Dating a hologram!
Fly in the ointment.
Technology isn't the answer.
155 / 3:7
The enemy
Blaming a group for an individuals error.
Dying for one's ideals.
Risking large scale war.
Trusting an enemy. Helping an enemy.
Enemy mine!
156 / 3:8
The price
Stress in a person who professionally handles stress.
Falling in love.
Negotiations = poker!
Ethics and empathy.
Taking a chance - and losing.
Love is not to change your lover.
Nice one!
157 / 3:9
The vengeance factor
Carrying a resentment - long. Feuds.
Having to kill a loved one.
Choosing immortality in order to kill.
158 / 3:10
The defector
The Shakespeare actor plays Shakespeare!
Risking that large scale war again.
Lies in lies in lies...
A wonderful surprise at the end.
The hope for peace.
159 / 3:11
The hunted
The perfect soldier.
Soldiers, who can't be reintegrated into society. And who are then put into prison instead.
Soldiers coming home, with heavy psychological problems, and not welcome. (Vietnam.)
160 / 3:12
The high ground
Terrorists. IRA again.
Non-coorperation, hunger strike.
Should a society, historically based on violence, defend violence?
Willing to die for a cause. And kill.
Is it neutral/okay to help one side in a conflict?
Violent = wrong in all ways?
161 / 3:13
Deja Q
Bullying lower lifeforms, and then suddenly lowered to the same level.
162 / 3:14
A matter of perspective
A crime mystery!
Crime doesn't pay!
163 / 3:15
Yesterday's Enterprise
Time travel and parallel universe.
Our crew turns military, losing a war.
The wise bartender.
Our crew meets the predecessor ship and crew.
Everybody gets to die!
I luv it!
164 / 3:16
The offspring
The android gets a child.
Can the android procreate?
Choosing one's sex, and race.
Learning by teaching.
The meaning of life.
Removing a child from her parent.
The striving is important, not actually getting there.
Humor - the fast charmer overtaken.
The child exceeding the parent.
Losing a child. Touching.
165 / 3:17
Sins of the father
Klingon culture.
The Kilngon's brother.
The family affected by the individual members. The Enterprise affected by the individual crew member!
Politics. A scapegoat.
The captain starts his Klingon "career".
Almost perfect - but somehow Duras didn't seem Klingon to me.
166 / 3:18
Kidnapped - but why?
The captain kissing the doctor! And singing.
Suspicion. Trust.
Experimenting and observing.
167 / 3:19
Captain's holiday
"A crewmember is sick..." - Picard is smarter than Kirk!
Time travel.
A half naked captain! With a woman!
168 / 3:20
Tin man
A mentally unstable specialist/telepath.
One lonely soul seeking another.
A living ship.
The meaning of life.
First contact.
169 / 3:21
Hollow pursuits
Alternate versions of our crew: "Barclay is the best", "Greek gods" and "3 musceteers".
Insecurity. Isolation. Living a fantasy. Addiction.
Holo ethics.
Decoding dreams.
Another mentally unstable specialist.
170 / 3:22
The most toys
The android dies! (They think.)
A collector.
The ability to kill.
Non-coorperation. But not at the loss of life.
"Your fault that I killed."
171 / 3:23
An emotional Vulcan. An emotional everybody!
There are always other solutions.
2 living legends, bonding.
Great acting from Stewart!
Very, very good!
172 / 3:24
Ménage à Troi
The end is funny - and clever.
Oh, and by the way: the family is happy for its youngest member.
173 / 3:25
The security officer dies - for a little while.
Stopping evolution, of fear.
Beings of light and energy.
174 / 3:26
The best of both worlds, part I
Captain - or first officer on the flagship?
We change, we grow older.
The chain of command.
Killing a friend to win a battle?

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