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Number / Name Why I liked it
127 / 2:1
The child
New faces, new places...
"I'm going to have this baby."
An android / birth.
When to be selfish, and when not to.
A jump to warp from the inside.
The counselor as mother.
Bartender = counselor?
The crew is one big happy family.
128 / 2:2
Where silence has lease
Suicide better then being killed.
Like rats in a maze.
What is death?
129 / 2:3
Elementary, dear Data
Our crew meets Moriarty, and 19th century London.
We learn by failing.
Can an android deduce?
What is life? Self-preservation.
Quiet episode, intelligent solution.
Politeness to a computer.
130 / 2:4
The outrageous Okona

Humor. Is good.
Choosing the kind of life you want.
Fewer demands, more talk.

132 / 2:5
Loud as a whisper
A mediator.
Intellect - passion - harmony. 3 parts of a person, so a deaf/mute person needs 3 translators.
Proud to be deaf.
Focus on the common, not the differences. Turn a disadvantage into an advantage.
Arrive to a conflict with no preconceived idead.
131 / 2:6
The schizoid man
Life doesn't have happy endings.
Pain is necessary.
Living forever. Won't work.
Android, wanting to be human. Exhibiting emotions, like love.
133 / 2:7
Unnatural selection
Genetic manipulation, dangerous.
134 / 2:8
A matter of honor
An exchange program!
Cultures crashing together.
Klingon culture.
Rather good!
135 / 2:9
The measure of a man
An old love.
We must protect the unique.
A farewell party for a crewmember.
When the law asks people to argue against their own opinion.
Is the android property, or a person?
Sentience: intelligence, consciousness, self-awareness.
The right to choose.
A soul.
136 / 2:10
The dauphin
A young man falls in love, for the first time.
A harsh governess.
Arrive to a conflict with no preconceived idead.
Duty. Destiny.
How to handle love / humor.
The Klingon finds a friend, unexpectedly.
Love isn't easy.
137 / 2:11
The android dies. Just kidding.
138 / 2:12
The Royale
Our crew meets the 20th century.
Logic to solve a problem.
The android as a gambler.
139 / 2:13
Time squared
Duplication through time travel.
"Knowing" about a catastrophe in the near future, and trying to avoid it.
The captain facing himself.
140 / 2:14
The Icarus factor
Estranged father/son.
A father daring to have a woman.
Forgiveness. Respect.
The first officer passing up a captains chair.
The Klingon lusting for celebration/violence.
Feelings are important.
The value of a good fight.
Martial arts, with a twist.
Coping with sorrow and loss.
Very, very interesting. Almost perfect.
141 / 2:15
Pen pals
The value of admitting ignorance.
Being in charge for the first time.
P.D. Breaking it.
The philosophical - and the real.
How rigid are rules?
Friendship / the android.
142 / 2:16
Q who?
Treating impoliteness with consequence.
Cyborg. Don't respond to weapons. Always enemies. Collective. Ignoring what isn't a threat. Stamina.
Taking a slice out of the ship - weird sight.
The captain admitting weakness.
Complacency needs kicking.
143 / 2:17
Samaritan snare
144 / 2:18
Up the long ladder
A Klingon romantic.
Our crew, and Irish farmers.
A creative solution.
Valuing the differences.
145 / 2:19
1941 and our crew.
146 / 2:20
The emissary

The Klingon meets an old love.
Our crew meets Klingons from the past, 75 years out of the loop.
There are always options.
Two half Klingons.
"Comfortable chair." :-)
Good one!

147 / 2:21
Peak performance
The ultimate simulation.
The leader picks his own team.
I love Worf!
Playing because the opponent is a master, and it is a privilige.
It is possible to make no mistake, and still lose. That is life.
Very good!
148 / 2:22
Shades of gray
Laughing in the face of danger and death.
Death is the ultimate test of character.
Not as bad as I feared.

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