Oh no! – Leret er tørret ud - Hjælp til udtørret ler -
Мастер - класс по созданию зайца.
Keramik Engel
Great video on how to do cermaic cats
Create a Flock of Birds-One Pinch Pot at a Time
I love this one!! Keramik Windlicht
Super easy polymer clay flowers; not into the artwork, but the flowers are perfect for phot frames or my future napkin rings ;D
Super cute cat made out of fimo clay... will try to make it out of fondant
how to make a cat lots of great step by step photos
Double pinch pot project ideas
Genanvendelse af ler
An introduction to making pottery.
clay hand i love you tutorial elementary project
In this video 1st grade students learn how to make a pinch pot out of clay. First we review how a pinch pot is made and what it should look like of one cuts it into a cross-section. Then we go through the motions of how to pinch and turn the clay to get an even wall thickness.
that artist woman: Clay Penguins on base. Great directions!
Stages of Clay Some day I will have an art program with a kiln!
great video for simple clay fish
Påsat dekoration
Udskåret dekoration
Begitning, tegning
Begitning med udskæring
Banke tyndt
Pladeteknik III
Pladeteknik II
Pladeteknik I
Cat and bow tutorial by MiniatureTemptations
Cat sculpture.
Pølseteknik II
Pølseteknik I
The Helpful Art Teacher: Creating your own ceramic mask: Masks from around the world
smART Class: Clay Roses. Could make them and give out for valentines day
Clay Owl Ornaments - so easy to make from a simple circle of Clay!
How to Make a Ceramic Slab Plate: A Basic Introduction
Making Pottery Tray Using Push Foam Method With Texture
How to make a ceramic pottery owl out of clay
Peter Cosentino. Keramik. God til begyndere.
How to Make a Bird Out of Clay - YouTube

Mad med få ingredienser - opskrifter

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient! Frozen bananas are the secret to this easy ice cream everyone will love! Just blend and you have creamy "nice" cream!
Karamelliserede rosenkål
Blanched brussel sprout leaves
rosenkål (kogt, stegt og ovnbagt) - Tilberedning af rosenkål er ret nemt, og de kan både koges, steges og bages i ovnen. Og sådan laver du rosenkål, der ikke smager grimt. Her giver jeg dig den hurtige guide til en basis tilberedning
Små ovnbagte kartofler. Fotograf: Per © Alletiders Kogebog
Grønlangkål fra Lolland
Ovnbagte rodfrugter II
Ovnbagte radiser
Bagte hvidløg
Opskrifter på mad med Aubergine | Vi skal spise!
Chart explains what to do with odd vegetables.
Cottage cheese + strawberries + cinnamon
Havregryn, grødkiks
Bacon, stegt (i ovn)
Kalvetunge, sprængt
Asparges, kogt
Rosenkål, kogt
Skinke, kogt
Laks, kogt
Høne, kogt
Hummer, kogt
Blomkål, kogt
Couscous, kogt
Banan, tørret (chips)
Majsgryn, kogt (polenta)
Ris, grød
Ris, løse
Bulgur med vand
Kartofler, kogte
Hakket oksekød, bøf
Kotelet, ovn
Havregryn med mælk
Havregryn, grød (i mikrobølgeovn)
Havregryn, grød
Æg, pocheret
Æg, blødkogt
Æg, røræg
Æg, hårdkogt.
Æg, spejlet.


Books by women priced 45% lower, study finds - ‘This pattern also mirrors the wage inequality within the larger economy.’
This Startup’s Test Shows How Harassment Targets Women Online - Kapwing changed the avatar on its customer-service chat widget from a woman to a man, and then a cat. The harassment stopped.
Stop asking me ‘what about men?’ - Everyone who follows my blog knows that my best work is written in rage, or port. But Christmas has gone now so no more port.  Well, at least I still have rage. So back to that.  Recently…
A feminist comes to terms with the MRA.
A Study Used Sensors to Show That Men and Women Are Treated Differently at Work - Bias, not differences in behavior, seems to explain why women aren’t advancing.
Juvenile Misogynist Seth MacFarlane Is Not Funny - He’s the kind of guy who can invent a humorous talking baby and instantly validate an entire career of outdated sensibilities and blatant misogyny.
Let Italian men live - Webcomic: I learned about the Italian movement where men fight for their right to take care of themselves without being ridiculed many years
@ShellyJLundberg: Female faculty receive lower teaching evaluations for same performance. Driven by male students, stronger in mathy courses & for juniors.
These Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male Cofounder To Dodge Startup Sexism
Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science - Opinion: A physics professor explains why male scientists devalue research that shows gender bias in the field.
Gender Quotas and the Crisis of the Mediocre Man: Theory and Evidence from Sweden - this quota raised the competence of male politicians where it raised female representation the most. American Economic Association
Ligestilling i Danmark - Danmarks Statistik
We Recorded VCs’ Conversations and Analyzed How Differently They Talk About Female Entrepreneurs
Describe what you can bring to this company.
Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway admits she used to look for problems in films directed by women.
Acting dumb
Women are cut off—even at the Supreme Court.
Girl vs Woman. Mayim Balik. Video.
Nordiske ligestillingsindikatorer — Nordisk samarbejde
As A Trans Woman, I’ve Seen Nerd Culture’s Misogyny From Both Sides People thought my nerdy interests would change. They didn’t — but my relationship with them did.
The word hysterical no longer silences women. Nice try, Chancellor Mary Creagh
LEGO Batman Shows the Pitfalls of Toxic Masculinity - Women Write About Comics, der tilsyneladende primært søger mænd! Ikke okay.
Why We Need To Stop Calling Women "Girls"
»En stor sød mus« anklager tyske politikere for sexchikane - Die Berliner CDU-Politikerin Jenna Behrends blickt am 23.09.2016 in Berlin in die Kamera der Fotografin. Photo by: Sophia Kembowski/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images Foto: DPA
9 Signs We Have a “Boy Crisis” - The tell-tale signs are there to prove American society has a serious problem with males and education.
When tech firms judge on skills alone, women land more job interviews - An experiment with removing gender from job applications makes the case that bias influences hiring
Vi indkalder hermed årets indstillinger til landets fornemmeste feministpris, Suzanne Gieses Mindelegat. Er "mænd og kvinder" et ekskluderende udtryk?
En ny queer-virkelighed: Hun, han, hen
How Asian women made trade union history and shattered stereotypes
Las Vegas: high unionization rates mean smaller wage-gaps for women, especially older women / Boing Boing
@VABVOX: #Olympics really has been a festival of #misogyny, given how many women have won #Gold Bravo #AndyMurray for this.
Is some Olympic commentary sexist?
How Vector Space Mathematics Reveals the Hidden Sexism in Language
Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president
Male reviewers outnumber female reviewers nearly 5 to 1 and rate “Ghostbusters” 4 points lower, on average.
Hers; The Smurfette Principle
Our Final Answer on ‘Too Many Women’
Kun hver 5. danske film bliver instrueret af en kvinde. I Sverige er det næsten hver 2.
Retro Review: Blood Fever
Space Marines Can’t Be Female, Because Then I Would Need To Re-Think My Life – Point & Clickbait
Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age
Nej tak, jeg vil ikke se din diller Hvorfor i alverden er det okay at være blotter på de sociale medier? Blottede han sig over for mig ansigt til ansigt, havde det både været socialt upassende og ulovligt.
The tech industry wants to use women’s voices – they just won't listen to them
As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops -
Skjulte optagelser fra Islamisk Stats lukkede hovedstad: Har streget kvinders ansigter over
Mænd i Sverige frarådes at gå ud alene på grund af risiko for at begå voldtægt
Kønsforskelle i karrierevalg skyldes ikke hjernen
The countries where it's worst to grow up as a woman
Kvinder taber 10 procent i løn per barn. Udviklingen i mænd og kvinders løn er ens indtil første børnefødsel - så knækker kurven brat. Vi har en forestilling om ligestilling, men nedenunder ligger stadig, at børn er mors ansvar, siger professor.
Have you come across “neckbeard” as an insult? It conveys a common stereotype of a “fat loser living in his mom's basement” – and this cartoon reveals why it has no part in the world we're building as feminists.
Forsker om vejnavne: Ligestillingskampen er ved at gå for langt
The remarkably different answers men and women give when asked who’s the smartest in the class
Bias Against Female Instructors
Feministerne i Danmark trænger til et faktatjek
Ligestilling? Ikke bare fordi vi bytter rundt på kønnene.
Pengemaskinen sidder hvor på en kvinde? - Politiken, 1/2-'16
Donald Trump just gave a master class on how to get away with sexism
Donald Trump's fight with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, explained
Whistling At Your Mom - YouTube
Stanken af had og mistro spreder sig mellem manden og kvinden -
My problem with this is that almost all these directors are male so it's still all female stories being told from a male perspective
Sick of PC
Violence against men/women
Women in business, USA
Men dying and receiving harder punishment, USA
Girls in school, Sub-Sahara
Girls in Star Wars.
The Oscars and The Bechdel Test - YouTube
The Hunger Games Movie vs. the Book - YouTube
The problem with false feminism (or why “Frozen” left me cold)
How A Thorough De-Gazing Saved CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory'
What a creepy Bloomingdale’s ad tells us about America’s understanding of rape
Lad så være at pisse på pigerne! | Ingeniøren
Questions female athletes get asked
Ruining science fiction?
Aziz Ansari
Supercut of casual, chortling sexism on Fox News
Gene Simmons says sad little things about sexism.
Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | The Guardian
Marked language
Miss Piggy is a feminist pig. Via
Study confirms that sexist men are losers
Gender Equality in the Spotlight: Hollywood’s Top 15 Quotes
Nadia Kamil does burlesque
Den kvindelige forfatter er overraskende nok stadig et emne
How 7 things that have nothing to do with rape perfectly illustrate the concept of consent
De 10 ’sjoveste’ liberale kommentarer om kvinder Jeg er officielt chokeret. Jeg troede faktisk ikke den slags idioti fandtes i Danmark.
bell hooks feminist auto-responder for creepy guys - Boing Boing
Medusa's Story. Male Version vs Female Version.
Male Perspective
16 on-point responses from female scientists to Nobel winner's sexist comments
A woman will lead Oxford University for the first time in its 785-year history - Vox
Why do men abuse women? What’s in it for them?
Women reveal all the sexist questions they've been asked at job interviews
Caitlyn Cannon
Congrats, Denver Comic Con, you have an all-male Women in Comics panel!(From the DCC ‘15 program guide:)“With the female interest in comics increasing lately, this panel discusses many of the popular female characters from the beginning of the superhero mid 1930s comics. Also a focus on some of the women that were able to break in the mostly all male club of creating comics during that time. Includes an introduction to many of the female illustrators/creators attending the convention.Kevin Robinette - Instructor Academy Art University of San Francisco, History of American ComicsCraig Glassen - Art Instructor, Denver area schoolsJason H. Tucker - The Way Interactive graphic novel app”#dcc2015 #dcc15 #denvercomiccon #womenincomics #wheresgamora #wheresblackwidow
I thought that this picture was awesome in showing how feminism affects men as well as females. With the point of feminism being to destruct the inequality of sexes, I think it's a very valid point to consider where men have been progression into typically female dominated professions and vice versa.
Når voldtægter ødelægger den gode stemning | Berlingske Politiko
Der er så meget kvinder ikke forstår
Disney Spent $ 15 Billion To Limit Their Audience.
6'eren, kanal for mænd
Kanal 4, kvindekanal
Hanbavianerne trives på universiteterne.
“Deleted scenes” finally explain how women stay perfectly styled in disaster movies - Boing Boing
Hydro One firing employee involved in vulgar incident at Toronto FC game
Female reporter harassed on camera, eloquently fights back
Black Widow replaced with Captain America
It's as though men and women are treated different.
Amazon drops "Boy" and "Girl" categories from toy listings
The Suffragist outrages
All doctors are men
Mand forener karriere og familieliv
Hverdagssexisme på skjult kamera
Sexist ad response
Sexist peer review elicits furious Twitter response, PLOS apology
Tweet excerpting provocative review has drawn an extensive response.
Shit people say to women directors & other women in film
What happens when you ask male action stars the questions female stars actually get?
Tidens anvendelse
Hvorfor tror mænd som Rasmus Jarlov, at der er ligestilling?
Vi mænd må konfrontere de sexistiske idioter -
The problem with strong female characters
This Woman Fights Gender Stereotypes With Hilarious Cartoons
A comic illustrating the difference between sexual harassment and compliments.
You're a girl so act like one. Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize my vagina came with a terms and conditions manual.
Nope, men and women aren’t equally sexualized in comics
On screen employment is unrealistically male.
Score-video beskyldes for at opfordre til overgreb -
Nej, Lord of the Dance, fuldt påklædte mænd og så korte kjoler til kvinderne er ikke okay.
At råbe 'god røv' til en kvinde kan aldrig være en kompliment. Politiken, 13/3-'15.
Still don’t understand consent? Imagine you’re making a cup of tea.
A Bunny's Tale (TV Movie 1985)
Makers: Women Who Make America, Part 1.
Fifty Shades of Grey Chapter Analyses Introduction & Category List - things you should know before you start Chapter 1 - It begins. Chapter 2 - In which Christian reminds me of a serial killer....
The Rambling Curl: Fifty Abusive Moments in Fifty Shades of Grey
The internet is full of men who hate feminism. Here's what they're like in person. - Vox
Kvinner og menn er mer like enn forskjellige |
Women in cover art
Lingua Franca on gender neutral language
George R.R. Martin and women.
Vi skal forholde os til de reelle barrierer for, at kvinder når til tops i den akademiske verden, mener prodekan Lise Wogensen Bach og institutleder Thomas G. Jensen. Arkivfoto/AU
If males had the same armor as females in rpgs
Nude Celebrity Photo Hacking
A tendency is noted for a minority of male participants to effectively dominate discussions both in amount of talk, and through rhetorical intimidation.
Lead Actresses Get Less Screen Time Than Lead Actors
Study: Why women speak less when they're outnumbered
Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games.
Jim C. Hines poses as a female on a cover. Several examples.
Alternative to Bechdel. Mako Mori.
Bechdel test. 2 women talking about not men.
Obituary starts with the most important information. Right?
#GamerGate: Here's why everybody in the video game world is fighting - Vox
Gamergate on Colbert Report
Global Gender Gap Report 2014
Another Day, Another Mansplainer
Everday Sexism Comic
Robot Hugs, harassment. Bystander intervention works.
Forskelle, Danmark.
the Everyday Sexism project / Danmark
Female contributions to mixed-sex dialogues were rated as greater than male contributions by both male and female listeners. Female contributions were more likely to be overestimated when they were speaking a dialogue part perceived as probably female than when they were speaking a dialogue part perceived as probably male.
On Twitter, Men Are Retweeted Far More Than Women (And You’re Probably Sexist, Too)
The great gender debate: Men will dominate 75% of the conversation during conference meetings, study suggests
Why Women Aren't Funny - Women and jokes: Slower to get it, more pleased when they do, and swift to locate the unfunny.
Female residents interrupted their patients less often than did male physicians. All residents interrupted female patients more often than male patients.
Does self defense work against rape? Does education?
Still not asking for it.
From The Outspoken Witch. Mysogyny hurts everyone.
Women seen as pushy, men as condescending.
This is my own resource for when someone says “sexism doesn’t exist in [insert field here], because I haven’t seen it”. It’s statistics and studies as well as essays; both hard facts and theory, if you will, and they correspond to the arguments I usually face myself. They’re usually of the type “there’s no imbalance/there isn’t a demand/it’s all in your head”; so here are some statistics and studies for that. The other type is “but it’s only a vocal minority who harasses people/so explain to me how this is bad/why is this important anyway?” So here are some essays for that.
Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another male-bodied person more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.

Science fiction cats

5 of the Coolest Cats in Space - The cat is on the floor, looking up at me and yelling as I type this. My original plan was for a piece on ‘Pets In Space’, but she’s threatened to vomit on my bed, under the covers, if I don’t focu…
Space cat. LJ Schmidt.
Star Wars cat.
Inception cat
Boldly going to the vet. - 90.7k Likes, 626 Comments - Adam Ellis (@adamtots) on Instagram: “✨🚀✨”
Space cat, Jules Verne. T-shirt.
Space Cat Visits Venus.
Vader cat
Meow on the Dark Side
Star Wars.
Star Wars.
Star Wars.
Star Wars.
Darth Vader Cat!
Jon Bing. Azur.
Star Trek Cat Books
Star Trek Cats. Need We Say More? - Illustrator Jenny Parks specializes in reimagining pop culture characters as... cats, and now she's turning her attention to Trek for the upcoming book, Star Trek Cats. Details cat, er, at...
The result of science.
Star Wars Cats on Pinterest | Star Wars, Cats and Star Wars 7
CAT-AT (Star Wars). Brian Kesinger.
Schrodinger's cat. Via James Angus Booth.
Invasion of the Space Cats. Via Cat Shit.
Garfield + Star Wars.
Podcat = podcast + cat. Danish radio P1 podcaster.
Darth Vader + Hello Kitty. Via Cory Doctorow.
Space time cat. Via Zaxley Nash.
Cat + wormhole.
A Star Wars cat.
Dr Who cat.
Star Trek kittens. Via Purple Clover.
Star Wars hovercat.
Darth Vader cat
Dune. Via .
Guardians of the Galaxy / Men in Black. Via Marvel Universe Rocks My World.
Purrassic Park
Purassic Park | Purrassic Park, where cats run wild! The perfect tee for feline lovers. #Skreened
Schrödinger's cat is smart.
Cat and Cow, Cow and Cat - Cute Apocalypse
Inception Cat
Payback's a bitch
Cat spaceships? Via Tom Carrozza.
Apocalyptic cat. Via A. Silvestri.
Cat sandwich, made by alien. Via 95.5 Rock.
Floating superhero cat.
About your cat...
Space Cat, the book series.
Science cat, anti-gravity.
Star Wars / Darth Vader cat. Via Boing Boing.
Japanese robot cat, Doraemon.
Lots and lots of pictures captioned "Me and my mini me". This one via Love Meow.
Schrödinger's cat.
Star Wars cat.
Cats and Star Trek. Via Claudia Christian.
Friends forever. Lowbrow Sugar Fueled Mars Attacks Alien Martian by Sugarfueledart, $12.00
Postcard, 1904.
laser cats
Cat + robot, from Robot & Frank (movie).
Kittens in Space (video).
Dune cat. Via Fantasy and sci-fi rock my world.
Kitten and killer robot. Via Boing Boing.
Batman/catman. Via Cats Forever.
Robot protects kitten. Via Boing Boing.
Iron Man / Hello Kitty. Via Robert Downey Jr.
Batman / cat.
Star Wars cat, Darth Vader. Via Boing Boing.
Maniac killer robot and kitty.
Alf and cats. Via You sick bastards.
Cat and Star Wars. (Leia.) Visit the flickr stream for more.
Cats traveling in space and time. Dreams are Real (video).
Cat by spaceship window. Via Boing Boing.
Space cat. Via Boing Boing.
Grumpy Cat vs Star Wars - in many different ways at this board.
AT-AT cat house (Star Wars). Via Boing Boing.
Kittehfish - genetically modified cat + fish.
Cat and artificial gravity. Via Love Meow and .
Star Wars cat. Via Fantasy and Sci-Fi Rock My World.
Via George Takei: Meowpheus. Cat riff on Matrix.
Super cat. Via Love Meow.
Star Trek cat. Via Fantasy and Sci-Fi Rock My World.
Cat on the Moon. By Xeni, via boingboing.
Cat invention. Via 9gag.
Star Wars cat.
Laser cat.
Cat and Doctor Who.
Cat, Batman
Cat with lasers.
Transmogriphied cat, blame the aliens.
Cat from Alien, called Jones.
Matrix cat (deja vu).
Star Trek cat.
Star Wars cat.
Cat Superman.
Grumpy Cat and Star Trek / Star Wars. Much more at
A Star Wars cat.
People from Star Trek love cats. Some more at
Spock from Star Trek with a cat. Lots more of that kind at
Pinterest has lots and lots and lots of boards with space cat.
Alien cat.
Hover cat.
Grumpy Cat and Star Trek - I think.
Space cats. More at
Star Trek and cats. More at
All sorts of science fiction and grumpy cat.
Cat and Batman.
Dr Who and cat.
Chewbacca cat.
Cats and UFOs.
Space cat.
Star Wars cat: Princess Leia.
Star Wars cat (AT-AT).
Star Trek and cats.
Star Trek cat.
Star Wars and cat.
Telepathy cat.
Star Wars and Grumpy Cat.
Star Trek and cat.
Cat and goldfish in space.
Star Trek and Dr. Who cats.
Dune cat, Star Trek cat and many others.

Pas på os små hjul

Homeless Patients Get Novel Treatment From Chicago Hospitals: Housing - Glenn Baker, 45, in his South Side Chicago apartment. His rent is paid largely by the University of Illinois Hospital
Are digital distractions harming labour productivity? - The evidence is mixed; it seems clear, however, that they are making us unhappier
Management style is built, not intuited; it is actively and deliberately created, not naturally occurring. It is a technology, something that can be improved to make organisations more efficient or better, and that can be implemented in many different ways. … in which I went from SEO subeditor to executive editor for audience, via Sydney and New York.
@aftrier: Hver sagsbehandler på Lærkevej har 220 sager. Anbefalingen er max 55 #dkpol #tomorrowspaperstoday
Sagsbehandlingen i jobcentrene ligner et psykologisk eksperiment - Socialrådgiverne tilsidesætter lovgivningen og fralægger sig ansvaret for at skubbe vore medmennesker ud over kanten. - 25 medarbejdere i sygedagpenge-afdelingen har skaffet kommunen en besparelse 13 millioner kroner ved at reducere antallet af borgere på sygedagpenge....
Raising kids right. Psychologists at Harvard University have found that there are several elements that are very important and basic. It is not as complicated as you may think.
I klemme: Marianne har 0 arbejdsevne. Kommunen prøver alligevel. - Selv om eksperter siger, at man er for – kronisk – syg til at arbejde, kan der være langt til førtidspension.
Flygtningenævnet troede ikke på, at Ali var homoseksuel. Så forsvandt han - TV 2 konkluderer, at lidt over halvdelen af asylansøgere lyver for de danske myndigheder. Da jeg mødte homoseksuelle Ali, fik jeg et andet billede af virkeligheden. I dag er Ali forsvundet
Fjerner man kaffepausen, fjerner man trivsel og effektivitet Kaffepausen er andet end at drikke kaffe. I pausen ventileres følelser af stress og frustrationer. Frarøver man den, svarer det til at tømme poolen for dem, der skal svømme. I pausen bliver den ansatte til et menneske, andre kan stole på, man føler sig mere kompetent og kreativ, samtidig med at man oplever følelsen af…
Raise tax on the rich, raise minimum wage, have equal pay.
Socialrådgiver skriver til Løkke: Kan ikke leve for 1826 kr. Lisbeth har forsøgt at rådgive en 30-årig syg kvinde, der nu er havnet på kontanthjælp med 1826 kr til rådighed pr måned. Lisbeth ved ikke, hvad hun skal g
X-Plan: Giving your kids a way out (#xplan)
Serie, del 2: Robuste organisationer skaber tilfredse medarbejdere
Over­blik i de­bat­ten: Her er fakta om so­ci­a­le ydel­ser
Gerda var døende, indtil hun skiftede plejehjem: Nu beklager kommune
Dansk virksomhed har indført seks timers arbejdsdag: - Det er ikke et hippieeksperiment
Tanker fra en togstation – fattige er de nye fredløse
Regeringen fordobler antallet af fattige børn
Angst sender flest danskere på førtidspension - Mens depression er på retur som årsag til førtidspension, sender angst flere og flere danskere ud af arbejdsmarkedet. 
Frustrerede læger: Jobcentrene er ligeglade med vores vurderinger - Medarbejderne i jobcentrene bliver presset til at tage nogle beslutninger, som er i modstrid med rådene fra lægerne, lyder det fra Tue Flindt Müller fra Lægeforeningen.
Efter omstridte sager: Drøje hug til ressourceforløb i ny undersøgelse - Ressourceforløbene, der skal få flere syge og sårbare ledige i job eller uddannelse, får hug af flere ledige.
Socialrådgiveren Sara lækker oplysninger anonymt: Jeg har ikke andet valg - Socialrådgiveren "Sara" følger sig presset til at lække oplysninger om, hvordan kontanthjælpsloftet rammer. 
Ekspert: Kan blive dyrt for Lolland at fjerne alle pauser
Retssikkerheden sejler: Kommuner sparer på fejl i hundredtusindvis af sager!
Efter ressourceforløb: Hver tiende står helt uden indtægt - Der var protester på Rådhuspladsen, da førtidspensionsreformen og ressourceforløbene blev vedtaget i 2012. Siden har reformens menneskelige konsekvenser skabt debat.
Universal basic income wouldn’t make people lazy–it would change the nature of work
Why the Recent HuffPost “Gifted Doesn’t Matter” Article Did Not Make Me Mad
And it’s gone —The true cost of interruptions
As America's temperatures soar, prisoners are dropping dead - Most states have no maximum temperature standards for their prisons: combine that with a succession of hottest-months-on-record and a prison system that provides less water than is medically recomm…
Hedge fund paid terminally ill people to sign up for "death puts" - A “death put” on a certificate of deposit means that the bond matures immediately upon the bearer’s death, rather than when its term runs out: they’re used as a form of life…
Finanslov 2016: De rigeste blev rigere og de fattigste fattigere - Finanslov 2016 gav de rigeste store besparelser på dyre biler og bedre mulighed for at give de fattigste baghjul.
Fiaskoreformerne har smadret tusindvis af menneskers liv
Jeg kan ikke forstå, hvad en regering skal gøre godt for, hvis det ikke er for at beskytte de svage. De stærke skal sgu nok klare sig. Kim Larsen
Det pæne Danmark stjæler fokus fra dem, der er på røven - Debatten om underklassen afspores, når middelklassen kritiserer mediernes skildring af Udkantsdanmark i stedet for at tale om årsagerne til social udstødelse. Det mener tekstforfatter til TV 2’s ’På røven i Nakskov’, Peder Frederik Jensen. ’De mennesker, som rent faktisk er på røven, bliver endnu en gang taberne’.
Patagonia's CEO Explains How To Make On-Site Child Care Pay For Itself - For the past five years, turnover among Patagonia employees who use its child care program is 25 lower than in its overall workforce.
Sløv asylbehandling koster samfundet mange millioner - Ventetiden for asylafgørelsen har betydning for deres sandsynlighed for at komme i job
Pia Olsen Dyhr: Uddannelse betyder ikke en skid i Finansministeriet »Når vi uddanner folk som ingeniører eller biokemikere, så er de bedre for statskassen på den lange bane, end når folk er ufaglærte. Der er et eller andet galt med Finansministeriets regneark,« siger Pia Olsen Dyhr.
Sausage Party's Animators Were Treated Like Shit
@plauritsen: Vil minde om at grundloven også er skrevet i en anden tid - hvad gør vi ved det?
Kommunal topchef: Christiansborg mangler respekt for det sociale arbejde
Danmarks første PhD om tillid og kontrol: Topstyring er ødelæggende
The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us Arctic glacier in Svalbard
The Open-Office Trap
Student grants replaced by loans
Unge må vente længere på en studiebolig
Stemmer fra Underdanmark I: Hvorfor skal mine børn straffes, fordi jeg er ledig?
Trickle-down economics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - It doesn't work
Topøkonomer: Skift fokus i reformsporet
"De beløb vi korrigerer her, det er, i forhold til huslejen, ganske små beløb, altså måske 70-150 kr om dagen. Så små beløb, bør ikke i sig selv, give anledning til udsættelsesrisiko."
Dylan Voller: Timeline of teenager's mistreatment in NT youth detention
Michael Caine says ISIS forced him to change his name
FNs verdenserklæring om menneskerettigheder
Study: top bank execs saw the crash coming and sold off shares in their own institutions
Er der ikke nok nogen, der vil hjælpe os? - For meget arbejde / for lidt tid.
Sweden is moving to a six-hour working day in a bid to increase productivity and make people happier. Employers across the country have already made the change, according to the Science Alert website, which said the aim was to get more done in a shorter amount of time and ensure people had the energy to enjoy their private lives.
Mike Ashley running Sports Direct like 'Victorian workhouse'
Pia nægtet førtidspension igen: 'Jeg tror ikke jeg overlever'
’Jeg har været socialarbejder siden 1982, og jeg har aldrig nogensinde følt mig så magtesløs’ - Ud over integrationsydelsen, som forventes at ramme 45.000 mennesker i 2017, har regeringen vedtaget et "moderne kontanthjælpsloft" og genindført 225-timersreglen, som betyder, at kontanthjælpsmodtagere skal arbejde seks uger om året.
Mere arbejde gør folk mere syge - Overarbejde - Undersøgelsen viser, at antallet af timer blandt hver medarbejder stiger, når en virksomhed eksempelvis øger sin eksport med 10 procent. Og det forøger antallet af sygedage blandt mænd med 14 procent og blandt kvinder med 24 procent.

Tolerance og respekt

Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person, study finds These disparities were observed “after controlling for a wide variety of sentencing factors,” including age, education, citizenship, weapon possession and prior criminal history.
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism
Citizens of the World
Fascism arrives as your friend. Michael Rosen
How America abandoned the only policy that consistently closes the black-white educational gap - After 1954’s landmark Brown v Board of Ed ruling, America’s (largely racially segregated) cities began racially integrating their schools by busing black kids to white neighborhoods, a …
Blev jeg hyggediskrimineret, da jeg blev kaldt for kontorbøssen?
The Struggle for Diversity Starts at the Top African-American presidents describe how they managed to double the enrollment of black students at their primarily white institutions. See a related table.
Merete Pilgaard fra Venligboerne - Flygtningehjælp: Gode venner kan komme mange steder fra Venlighed og et kram kan reducere stress - I avisen stod, at 70 asylsansøgere skulle ankomme til Hjørring. På kort tid blev de 70 til 500 flygtninge fra 20 forskellige nationer. Mange af dem skulle flytt
America will finally gather statistics on which and how many people are killed by law enforcement
Ekeroths syn på asylsökande påminner om nazisterna
How legitimate marriages have become Home Office honey traps
Jeg ved, hvor du bor: landsforræder!
Til alle der er trætte af politisk korrekthed
Charlie Chaplin. The greatest speech ever made.
Are there any cases in history where a civilization/country has fallen apart economically due to integrating too many immigrants into its society?
Ban muslims / ban men.
Pet peeve. Especially with teachers. There are countless ways to separate your classroom, and you choose boy or girl..... Sad.
Mass Shootings 2015, with Muslim suspects
Dehumanization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Official London anti-terrorist publication says anarchists should be reported to local police - The City Of Westminster Counter Terrorist Focus Desk publishes a weekly briefing on safety called Griffin Weekly, full of useful advice.
North Carolina's voter suppression law struck down as "racist"
The way you do things isn't always the only way to do them.
It's okay for you to believe what you believe. It is not okay however, for you to insist that everyone else believe the same as you.
Jøder/muslimer og andet godtfolk.


Boycott Haribo - In “The Haribo Check,” aired on German public broadcast ARD, a documentary team audits Haribo’s supply chain and finds “modern day slaves” in Brazil working to harvest…
Man dragged off United flight has concussion and lost teeth, lawyer says |
Der er problematiske stoffer i dit tyggegummi
Shell, Dansk Industri, Maersk, Nestlé, Total, BP, PWC.
Peter Beier
ADM Cocoa.


Police officer ignorantly and aggressively detained autistic boy who was just stimming - At a Buckeye, Arizona park, police officer David Grossman observed 14-year-old Connor Leibel moving his hands rigidly in front of his face, sniffing a piece of yarn, and making other unfamiliar mov…
Conversation Deliberately Skirts The Border Of Incomprehensibility | Slate Star Codex
Kernesund autisme - BT svigtede alle principper om kildekritik, da bladet viderebragte Ninka-Bernadette Mauritsons påstand om, at man kan helbrede autisme gennem en kostomlægning. Bjarke Larsen gennemgår den nyeste viden på området, og ser på sagen der er begyndt at få negative følger for familier, der har børn med autisme. Som forlægger, der har udgivet adskillige bøger om…
Rethinking Asperger s: Understanding the DSM-5 Diagnosis by Introducing Sheldon Cooper | Open Access Journals
Dissecting Sheldon Cooper | Psychology Today
Aspergers traits in Sheldon Cooper
Mayim Bialik’s Take on Sheldon Cooper and Autism is Wrong | crippledscholar
Is Sheldon autistic? The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik gives this brilliant response
Understanding the "Spoon Theory", an everyday reality for those who live with lupus and other chronic illnesses. Please like and share this to raise the awareness we need! Let's bring lupus out of the shadows and into the light!
Julia, the muppet with autism, will join the Sesame Street TV show in April. She appeared last night on 60 minutes during an interview segment with Sesame Street writer Christine Ferraro. From NPR:…
To Norman Lamb: Ways to Actually Help Autistic People
Life, Animated
Revision struggles behind Scottish comics business
Google Glass Could Be a Social Gamechanger For Kids on the Autism Spectrum - Glasses equipped with artificial intelligence help people through social interactions.
Family of Avonte Oquendo Settles Wrongful Death Suit against NYC, Receives $2,700,000
Autister er nettets nye mobbeofre
On autism and disability: Bill and Chris Davis of FAR FROM THE TREE by Andrew Solomon
Mom of autistic man at center of Charles Kinsey shooting: My son is traumatized
Adam, film.
North Miami police shoot black man who said his hands were raised while he tried to help an autistic patient
Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes
Forskere har fundet genvarianter, der disponerer for autisme
Autism—It's Different in Girls
I jordens indre. Specialklassen 2. Jacob Kokkedal. Bl.a. aspergerdrengen Jakub.
Autism causes vaccines; -)
Have you come across “neckbeard” as an insult? It conveys a common stereotype of a “fat loser living in his mom's basement” – and this cartoon reveals why it has no part in the world we're building as feminists.
Marcus Mitchell
the autism site - shop
Postludium. Jesper Goll. Som et urværk. En 6-årig autist går stærkt op i musik.
Vaccine leads to autism? ;-)
10 mærkelige ting neurotypiske gør
Mother shouts out Santa who talked about autism with her son
Psykiatriske diagnoser kan være en styrke
Nye apps kan måske også diagnosticere autisme
Pressede autister dømmes for vold
Misforståelser og fakta om mig og autisme
Sesame Street and Autism
Young woman with Down Syndrome and autism runs shredding business
Villads is extremely curious and full of energy. But he can not speak, for he has Williams syndrome and autism.
These Kid's Outfits Look Completely Normal, But What They're Wearing Has Been Called Revolutionary
long-wait of diagnosis of Autism
Autism has always been with us
He Was Getting Prepared To Defend His Autistic Son, Until The Man In Front Said This.
Puzzled Surfer
Puzzled Surfer
Memoir of raising an autistic boy who found himself with Disney World's help - Boing Boing
For parents of the autistic.
Speaking Out Against Autism Speaks, Even if It Means No Ice Cream -
Astrid Farnsworth (Alternate Universe) - FringeWiki
Antivirusprogram gjorde min computer til autist
Autistic girl and family escorted from plane
Wendy Chung: Autism — what we know (and what we don’t know yet) | Talk Video |
Does Sheldon Cooper have Asperger’s Syndrome? 8 reasons why I say Yes
The Big Bang Controversy: Is Sheldon Autistic?
Why we love Sheldon Cooper
This perfectly describes what a student with autism would feel in a normal classroom.
Landsforeningen Autisme på facebook.
Neurodiversity in SF
Link between autism genes and higher intelligence, study suggests
Autism is caused by genetic make-up in 74-98% of cases, a Medical Research Council study of 516 twins indicates.
Asperger passer nattevagt.
13-årig pige med autisme: Fra trivsel til selvmordsforsøg på 7 uger.
Did House have autism or Aspergers? (Wikipedia.)
Vaccinations and autism.
"Sværmen", Manfred Christiansen. Undergang, Valeta.
How an autistic child learned to say 'I love you' - BBC News
Autistic cat lover creates cat heaven.
Christmas Appeal 2014 | MDAC
Vores dreng med Aspergers syndrom er hjemme, for der er ikke specialskolepladser.
What is a #shutdown?  And how is it different to a #meltdown or outburst?  A lot of autistic people have shutdowns when they become overwhelmed, and this can be due to social or sensory issues; #autism #sensory -- Much more at
3 movies.
3 movies.
Late development in foetus.
Acting classes can help kids with autism.
Role of gut bacteria.
Mozart and the whale
Guardians of the Galaxy.
Autism and superpowers.

Politik og videnskab

Ny analyse: Sanktioner får ikke ledige hurtigere i job PISK/GULEROD: Ledige kommer ikke tættere på job ved at blive trukket i ydelse, viser ny analyse, som Beskæftigelsesministeriet har lavet som opfølgning på kontanthjælpsreformen. Kommunerne er ikke gode nok til at anvende sanktionsreglerne, siger ministeren.
Deadline, 15/8-'16. Pia Kjærsgaard er ikke enig i de nyeste statistikker om sammenholdet i Danmark.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Republican National Convention (HBO) At 6:00: Gingrich values feelings more than facts, crime rates feel higher.
Donald Trump Denies Saying Heidi Cruz Tweet Was A Mistake
Donald Trump has denied having any romantic interest in Princess Diana, months after an interview emerged of the billionaire business mogul suggesting he could have had sex with her.
No, I did not say anything about Jon Stewart's name.
Born in USA = American citizen?
Vil skidt behandling af flygtninge mindske den såkaldte 'pull-factor'?
Jeg vil da sætte mig ned og kigge på en kritik, [ombudsmanden] har givet mig. Men jeg er uenig.
Climate change is not like most of the issues politicians deal with, the ones where compromise makes complete sense.
Virker frihedsberøvelse af afviste asylansøgere?