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Rainer's Mike Oldfield discography, searchable

This is supposed to be a searchable version of Rainer's excellent discography. If you just want to look at it, or download it, I recommend that you go on to the home of the discography.

Still here? Okay, let me tell you a bit more. This discography is quite large (465 K last I looked), and I almost always look up certain information in it (which albums come from DK, on which CDs can I find Shine, how many editions of Tubular Bells and so on), which is hard to do in an easy way. I hope this is the solution for me, and for others with the same needs.

Last Update: Oct. 3rd, 1999 (4108 items)

Read the introductory words, if you are new to this discography.

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You can't search through the appendixes, but you can read about the label history, descriptions and comments and comments about different covers, song versions etc....


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