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Voyager, Season 6

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Number / Name Why I liked it
221 / 6:1
Equinox, part II
The good doctor suddenly evil. Remorse.
"I had no choice."
When treachery becomes a personal offense.
Friends disagreeing - and making up.
222 / 6:2
Survival instinct
Sharing consciousness, now trying to become individuals, get identities.
Free or alive?
Trying to repair guilt? Or truly choosing the best?
223 / 6:3
Barge of the dead
Unwilling to accept heritage. Or the present.
Death. The afterlife.
Mother. Damned by the sin of the daughter.
Hallucination, vision, dream or reality?
224 / 6:4
226 / 6:5
A ship run by telepathy. And with a female personality/AI.
Adultery. Guilt/forgiveness.
227 / 6:6
Amnesia. New personality.
Gaining feelings.
The freedom to choose?
225 / 6:7
Dragon's teeth
Nuclear winter. Survivors.
"We were innocent." Or rather, crazy warriors...
Extraordinary picture of a spaceship flying low in a city.
228 / 6:8
One small step
The value of exploration. And history.
Discovering that we're not alone in the universe.
229 / 6:9
The Voyager conspiracy
The need to create order out of chaos.
A shortcut?
Paranoia. Conspiracy.
Trust lost, and then rebuilt.
230 / 6:10
Visiting characters.
An obsessed finding a new obsession.
Unrecognized genius.
Lonely - but it helps to be able to call home.
231 / 6:11
Fair haven
A fiction, role playing. Does it matter it's not real?
Our crew in the 19th century Ireland.
Romance. What if you really could change the loved one? How to be sure to be loved back.
233 / 6:12
Blink of an eye
Fun with time.
The unintended consequence, for a culture. P.D.
The development of science. Inspired by a challenge.
First contact.
234 / 6:13
Song. Viewing it as math, not seeing the emotional part.
Feeling like a star. Fans.
The hard decision: leave friends and duty? Make a dream reality? Freedom of choice.
Good one!
236 / 6:14
Hallucination? Reliving history.
A bloody battle because of a mistake, being tired... It is history, and important to remember, so we won't repeat our mistakes.
Very good.
232 / 6:15
If a crewmember was a professional wrestler. Fighting to the death.
The freedom to chose.
235 / 6:16
Nice shot of a small ship within a very large ship.
237 / 6:17
Spirit folk
Magic? Something bigger?
A sentient artificial lifeform.
238 / 6:18
Ashes to ashes
A dead person revived.
Having to convince people of who you are.
Children. Discipline.
Romance. Losing a loved one.
Totally transplanted to a new culture, a new family, against her will. Go back?
I want to go back and do it over.
239 / 6:19
Child's play
Children. Meeting parents, you don't remember. Saying goodbye to a son. Good parents, abusive parents. Children are forgiving. Children as soldiers.
Family or career, friends...?
240 / 6:20
Good shephard
Hierachy. The lower rungs. The not so excellent people.
The first away mission. Learning.
Feeling like a victim. Feeling like a failure. Feeling ill.
242 / 6:21
Live fast and prosper
Thieves and con artists impersonating our crew. Tricking the tricksters. Impersonating the impersonators.
244 / 6:22
Ancient Greek theatre. Formula entertainment. The power of theatre.
Believed to be a god.
Diplomacy is better than war.
241 / 6:23
Seeing a former crewmember again.
Time travel. Meeting oneself. A chance to do it again.
Revenge. But why? Laying blame.
Clair voyance.
243 / 6:24
Life line
News from home. Even going home.
The son helping the unwilling father.
Artificial life and intelligence.
Faced with a troubling past. Making peace.
A joy.
245 / 6:25
The haunting of deck twelve
Ghosts. Ghost stories.
The view from the replicator.
The captain talking to the ship.
246 / 6:26
Unimatrix zero
Dream? Virtual reality, alternate identity. Underground movement in war.
An old love.
Converted by the enemy.

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