February Trip 2 Texas, part 1

Ten-word Challenge 2

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This is the writing exercise. And this is my contribution:

Another day, another spam. ... the Nigerian attorney general ... I've actually heard of this one. But it's the first time I've seen it my mailbox. ... The account belonging to my father had been frozen ... It desperately tries to catch my attention. To get me or someone, here or somewhere else, to do something. To turn me into a person willing to help. ... a trunk box containing us$25.5 million ... Listen to it wail! Hear its pleas for help! But there is no mercy from me today, not today of all days. I will put it out of its misery. ... I and my mother had agreed to give you 30 percent of the fund for your assistance ... Tomorrow will not be just another day. After the dispossession, the exorcism, call it what you want, the evil Internet will never write, edit or distribute another spam ever again to me or anyone.

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