10: Taken Animated series, Season 2

Animated series, Season 1

Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
22004 / 1:1
Beyond the farthest star
Letting a vehicle (a spaceship) be graceful and beautiful, as well as functional.
A powerful, fearsome - pathetic, childish alien.
22003 / 1:2
Fun with time.
The childhood of a main character. The old dream: seeing ones childhood with adult eyes. A strict father.
Acceptance of death.
Good stuff.
22007 / 1:3
One of our planets is missing
Communication is better than violence.
22006 / 1:4
The Lorelei signal
The Lorelei legend, reenacted. Weak men, and strong women.
"Beam us up, Scotty."
Immortality is not necessarily good.
22001 / 1:5
More tribbles, more troubles
22005 / 1:6
The survivor
A disappeared man, gone for years, finally back? A lonely fiancee, first happy, then...
The perfect look alike.
Love is not about looks, or even species.
22002 / 1:7
The infinite Vulcan
Intelligent plants.
People of enormous size.
Goal: peace. By any means...
Mad scientist, out of work.
22009 / 1:8
The magicks of Megas-Tu
A world where magic works.
Understanding all - even the devil.
22017 / 1:9
Once upon a planet
Recreating Alice in wonderland.
22008 / 1:10
Mudd's passion
Wanting love, the easy way. Making impossible love possible. Everybody loving everybody.
A con artist.
22015 / 1:11
The terratin incident
What if people could shrink? How would they solve the practical problems?
22010 / 1:12
The time trap
A trap with no exit.
Success through cooperation.
22013 / 1:13
The Ambergris element
Humans with gills.
Traditions - old and stupid, or necessary?
22011 / 1:14
The Slaver weapon
A weapon with numerous settings. One so powerful, the weapon is best destroyed.
Larry Niven crossover.
22016 / 1:15
The eye of the beholder
A zoo. Telepathy.
22014 / 1:16
The jihad
A handpicked, headhunted team of strangers.
Can warriors change, and create a peaceful society?
A spy.

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