2:12 Keeper of the purple twilight 2:14 Counterweight

2:13 The duplicate man

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Plot / themes
An intelligent, aggressive alien. (Argh! The hostile alien is out to get me! Groan.)
A mad scientist and an escaped alien. The scientist duplicates himself, so the copy can hunt the alien. But then it turns into another fight, as either copy or original will have to die. Or both!
The copy is a younger, better version of the original. Can the original learn from this?
Interesting - but also boring at times. And why 2 plots? Because they were both about killing?
Plot in short

Relevancy of plot
Thought provoking, a bit
Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot
The exposition fairy is hard at work to tell us how duplication works. Trouble is, the scientist would probably have asked somebody else.
The "more intelligent than humans" alien goes back where it escaped from - why?
At times the characters are a bit dumb.
Believable characters

Touching characters


I liked the video phone - it seemed the right size and shape, like any everyday object.
In the future, business suit jackets have no lapels - nice touch.
The zooms are so clumsy, bumpy.
1st time
I think I can manage seeing it again, but not right away. 5/10.

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