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Nakskov and New York   Tags: Me Mike Oldfield Movies Music New York Pat Cadigan
Video. Nakskov and New York are just like each other. Right?
28 November, 2008

KANG - KA'NANG - KAKA   Tags: Mike Oldfield Music
For your listening pleasure, and if you've already worn down all your Oldfield albums, here's something new.
26 September, 2008

The Nokia night of the proms 2006   Tags: Concert Events Me Mike Oldfield Pictures
On 2 December, I made what seemed like a very long journey. I started at home (in Denmark) at about 11.00, and at 19.30 I (complete with TB ear rings) was in my seat in Color Line Arena (in Hamburg, Germany), waiting for the show to start. My only stop along the way was to grab dinner. It was only ...
26 December, 2006

Concerts   Tags: Concert Me Mike Oldfield
This site has impressions from a few Mike Oldfield concerts. Hamburg, 1993 London, 1998 Berlin, 1999 Langeland, 1999 Hamburg, 2006 ...
15 December, 2005

Music   Tags: Me Mike Oldfield Music Olivia Newton-John
As I said, my main hobby is music. I started singing when I was 12 years old, and for many years my biggest dream was to sing like Olivia Newton-John. I've also admired the Danish band Shubidua for years, they have such great lyrics, and I wanted to write as good as they do. (In fact I've had new tu ...
18 August, 2004

Links   Tags: Me Mike Oldfield Science fiction Star Trek
Mike Oldfield is a fan of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. In the Star Trek episode "The Galileo seven", Mr. Spock and others visit the planet Taurus 2, also the name of a composition by Mr. Oldfield. Mike Oldfield was asked to make the music for the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. (Un ...
18 August, 2004

Mike Oldfield   Tags: Mike Oldfield
The reason all of this home page was originally built was to have a home for various Oldfield related stuff. Right now that means: a home for the Mike Oldfield University and for the searchable discography. This site also has impressions from a few concerts. This site is a member of WebRing. ...
18 August, 2004

Berlin, 1999   Tags: Berlin Concert Events Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
(This was originally an email to Amarok, the Mike Oldfield mailing list. Sent 2 days after June 23, 1999, and the Mike Oldfield concert in Berlin.) Hejsa! Back from a 4 day vacation in Berlin - ending with a concert on Wednesday night. The concert was the best part! Bits and pieces, in no ...
30 June, 2001

London, 1998   Tags: Concert Events London Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
(This was originally an email to Amarok, the Mike Oldfield mailing list. Sent 4 days after September 4, 1998, and the world premiere of Tubular Bells 3, at Horse Guards Parade.) Hejsa! Yes, I know, you've already heard all you need to know about the concert... But I have a few scattered thoug ...
30 June, 2001

Hamburg, 1993   Tags: Concert Events Hamburg Me Mike Oldfield Pictures Vacation
This text covers March 25-27, 1993, when I traveled with Obi to Hamburg, Germany, to an Oldfield concert. After the trip I wrote to my diary, and to Obi, twice. And when I put the final touches on this page, I also added a small outro. Dear diary! 27/3-'93 Dear diary! I came home today, aft ...
30 June, 2001

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