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Under, but not dead   Tags: Books Quotes Science fiction Stephen King
Under the dome. If you want a sample of the energetic dialogue, stick around.
1 February, 2010

The con, the economy and NoFF   Tags: Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
The planning of Imagicon 2 was in many ways remarkable. Everything seemed well planned in advance, also as a panel participant, where I got many details in advance about what the panel would be about.
29 January, 2010

Star Trek   Tags: Events Imagicon2 Science fiction Star Trek
I imagine you can't go to big SF-con like Imagicon 2, wihtout Stat Trek being mentioner here and there and everythere. That's what happened this time anyway.
28 January, 2010

Fannic finns   Tags: Finncon Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
At the last Finncon, there were 10,000 visitors! What did they do, and can we learn from it?
27 January, 2010

Writing the alien   Tags: Graham Joyce Imagicon2 Me Science fiction Åsa Schwarz
If you write in the fantastic genres, you also have to choose how you will write about the alien/foreign, whether it's the country Transylvania, the person Dracula or the language spoken in foreign places by foreign people.
26 January, 2010

Liz Williams   Tags: Imagicon2 Liz Williams Me Science fiction
When you look at what the Earth has actually been through in terms of climate changes what we're doing to it is a minor blip; if you look at huge vulcanic eruptions, they are far worse than anything we could do to the ozone layer.
25 January, 2010

Imagicon 2 report   Tags: Imagicon2 Me Science fiction
October 16-18 2009, Stockholm. The next few days I'll report from this con. Hope you enjoy it!
24 January, 2010

Outline for Songmaster   Tags: Books Me Orson Scott Card Science fiction
What would an outline for Songmaster look like? What can I learn about writing novels from this novel?
20 January, 2010

Bald heroes   Tags: Danish Science fiction Star Trek
There's just not enough stories with characters from Star Trek, like Picard.
13 January, 2010

Climate heroes   Tags: Danish Science fiction Star Trek
There's just not enough stories with Kirk and Spock!
1 January, 2010

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