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Quality online SF 21   Tags: Quality Science fiction
KJ Parker, Catherynne M. Valente, Gord Sellar, Yoon Ha Lee, Ken Scholes, Catherynne M. Valente, Robert Reed, Yoon Ha Lee, Kat Howard, Laura E. Price, Nina Allan, Al Robertson, Paul Cornell, Kameron Hurley, China Mieville
27 January, 2012

Quality online SF 20   Tags: Quality Science fiction
Charles Sheffield. Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
6 January, 2012

Quality online SF 19   Tags: Quality Science fiction
Victorian Hugos
25 November, 2011

Reflections   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
"Refleksioner". Longer and shorter articles about time grammar, SF swearwords, and other stuff.
18 November, 2011

Alternatives   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
A beginner's article about what alternate history / alternate worlds are, and 3 reviews of 1 anthology and 4 novels within this genre. The right thing at the right time.
16 November, 2011

Universes   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
"Universer". The genre is split into 5 groups (the political future novel; space; time; the changed man and man's creations; and end of the road), which again are split, and finally represented by books, which are summarized and linked with other books ou
14 November, 2011

Doing Many Odd Things   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
Mange sære ting for. An atheist writer gets an assignment from God: write a defense of God. And right after Århus Festuge (Århus Festival) there's a body, dangling from the top of a church spire.
11 November, 2011

Both-And Monday   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
Baade-Og Mandag. Celebrity Cornelius and journalist Tenna have a long talk. Or rather, Jesper Knallhatt has written a long talk between two fictitious persons. Or rather, editor Pamfilia Severinsen finally publishes the manuscript of Knallhatt in 2035.
9 November, 2011

Behind the Sky   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
"Bag himlen". He's always on the move, but finds peace under the starry night sky. Astronomy, discovering life in space etc.
7 November, 2011

Russian Roulette   Tags: Danish Me Review Science fiction
Russisk roulette. Kimberley takes another walk in her virtual rain forest, while she's waiting to trade it for something more exciting. Should you do what you love, or what you're good at? And, if the answer implies boredom, ...
4 November, 2011

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