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Remix of "Biographical Notes ..."   Tags: Benjamin Rosenbaum Me Science fiction Stories
Benjamin Rosenbaum and I
10 October, 2008

The sound of their wings (IV 4)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
The sound of their wings (IV 4)
15 August, 2008

It's not every day Every Day Fiction is SF   Tags: Review Science fiction
May I take the time to recommend Every Day Fiction, a site for slash fiction, often having something for science fiction lovers. Examples from July ...
14 August, 2008

Control (IV 3)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
The control room was empty - just the quality manager and a lot of screens, buttons and levers. Even the sound was off right now, and none of the pictures moved. He was looking for a target with a high empathy reading. He stopped looking when he found an agitated woman (she seemed to be pacing) and ...
27 March, 2008

Supervision (IV 2)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
"I can't see why we have to do this." And a knot, and this line over here, and then the braid ... "I mean, we've never done anything like it before." And another knot, and a new line, and bend it like this, and start a new braid here ... "How can you do something like this?" "Sorry, were ...
6 March, 2008

A meeting (IV 1)   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
Three persons were sitting at a round table. We might call them A, B and C. A was leafing through some papers in front of her, and sighed now and then. Eventually she collected the documents in a pile and folded her tentacles. "Has the last prognosis of 90% been confirmed?" B pulled his long, whit ...
8 February, 2008

Fiction   Tags: Me Science fiction Stories
Here we have Friday Free Fiction at Futurismic. And here we have my contributions. ...
8 February, 2008

Las Vegas / Los Angeles 2007   Tags: Arizona Events Grand Canyon Greyhound Jay Leno Jet lag Las Vegas Los Angeles Me Medieval Times Pacific Ocean Paramount Pictures Science fiction Star Trek Vacation
It ended up being one of the best days of my life. Being a trekkie, and sourrounded by things trek, is the ultimate experience.
20 May, 2007

Enterprise, Season 4   Tags: Science fiction Star Trek
Storm front I: If our crew had been in WW2. Storm Front II: Enterprise over New York among tiny planes.
4 March, 2007

Enterprise, Season 3   Tags: Science fiction Star Trek
A very good beginning. Fascinating. Very good.
4 March, 2007

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