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Goodbye to one blog, hello to another blog   Tags: Me Science fiction
Lise moves to another blog.
12 June, 2017

Science fiction and predictions, II   Tags: Quotes Science fiction
Is science fiction about prediction?
30 April, 2016

Science fiction and predictions   Tags: Quotes Science fiction
Does science fiction try to predict anything?
16 January, 2015

Niels Klim Award presented   Tags: Danish Science fiction
Saturday 8 June the winners of this year's Niels Klim Award were announced, and the (physical) prizes were given out in a succesful ceremony during the annual Danish science fiction convention, Dancon.
9 June, 2013

Quality online SF, 33rd and final   Tags: Quality Science fiction
These posts end, but are resurrected in another format.
7 September, 2012

Quality online SF 32   Tags: Quality Science fiction
Brian Stableford, Bruce Sterling, Elizabeth Bear, David Brin.
17 August, 2012

Quality online SF 31   Tags: Quality Science fiction
Joe Haldeman. Edgar Rice Burroughs.
27 July, 2012

Quality online SF 30   Tags: Quality Science fiction
George R. R. Martin. Charles Stross.
6 July, 2012

Quality online SF 29   Tags: Quality Science fiction
Kim Stanley Robinson. Ray Bradbury. Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling. Robert Reed.
29 June, 2012

Niels Klim Award, the ceremony   Tags: Danish Science fiction
As previously noted, the Niels Klim Award has been given out. The ceremony was a success.
25 June, 2012

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