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At first this was just a page about Mike Oldfield, and one of his fans: me. But then the page sort of grew, and hopefully the tag cloud above tells you a little more about what I like ... Now I am presenting most of the content in a new format (you can still find the rest on ye olde site). Welcome! ...
25 June, 2008

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To avoid spam, there isn't simply a link you can click to write me an email.
5 January, 2003

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Hi whoever-you-are! (Or "Hejsa" in Danish.) Thank you for stopping by. As always: these pages are under construction - and here's the proof: this is what this page looked like in 1996 - my first ever homepage! I was born March 2 1967, original air date of the Star Trek episode This Side Of Paradis ...
8 May, 1999

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Here you can see the early design of this webpage, back in 1996. And of the first Mike Oldfield page, August 1996. ...
1 August, 1996