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Number / Name Why I liked it
721 / 1:1
Encounter at Farpoint
Ideals: honesty, peace, not giving up, intelligence, creativity, technology, common sense, speaking up and then obeying orders / asking for advice and then issuing orders, not obeying idiots, fairness, no fear of own death, protecting the lives of others, efficiency, courage, humanity, r & r, research, understanding, tolerance, not exactly keeping to the law, ex-lovers can be colleagues, exploration.
A dark part of their past (our future).
Do descendants answer to the ancestors crimes?
A conflict between the captain and the ambition of his first officer?
103 / 1:2
The naked now
Data and Tasha!
Beverley and Jean-Luc.
104 / 1:3
Code of honor
The prime directive.
Honor is wasteful?
107 / 1:4
The last outpost
The right to meet death awake.
A guardian of a dead empire.
Female clothing viewed as an invitation to unclothe the female - a distraction.
106 / 1:5
Where no one has gone before
Ideas made real.
Wesley an extraordinary person.
Space, time and thought are not the separate things they appear to be.
108 / 1:6
Lonely among us
Humans are vegetarians.
Learning by doing, or by going to school?
Data as Sherlock Holmes!
Matrix-like music.
109 / 1:7
Worf: "Nice planet." :-)
Interesting society: no one does anything uncomfortable to them, all life is about pleasure, physical fitness, music, nature, no machines - except: no crime, because the punishment for even the smallest crime is death, swift, painless. Is that okay? (No.) And if not: does that invalidate the possibility of the rest of this Eden?
"I'm with Star Fleet, we don't lie." Hm...
A god, that is really a vessel and crew.
Ignorance of the law is no defense.
A just law is not absolute, there must be exceptions.
Prime directive broken?
110 / 1:8
The battle
Nice ghost crew effect.
Revenge is unprofitable.
111 / 1:9
Hide and Q
That Matrix music again.
Change/growth is at the heart of human nature.
Our crew / Napoleon wars.
A contest in Shakespeare.
Are Q-like powers good for humans? We are not ready for it yet. Power corrupts...
105 / 1:10
That Matrix-twinge again...
Arranged weddings.
Mother/daughter relationships.
Complete honesty is good.
Seeing a bit of the future? Or lond distance telepathy? All beings connected all the time?
Virus warfare is foolish.
Relationship between in-laws.
A third wheel.
The music.
I give up: this is perfect. Except maybe the obnoxious Lwaxana?
113 / 1:11
The big goodbye
Our crew / 1941, San Francisco.
Beverley / Jean-Luc.
Fantasy becoming dangerously real. Reality turning out to be a fantasy.
Killing for a purpose.
The music.
114 / 1:12
Time enough, to just look.
Handling embarrassment.
Data, with a tick, a superiority complex, emotion - and evilness.
An actor playing 2 close parts.
115 / 1:13
Angel one
A matriarchy, with strong females.
La Forge (not used to lead) in command.
Life or principles?
A revolution, that doesn't happen overnight.
Attempt at breaking P.D.
116 / 1:14
Nice shot of the ship from above.
Perfect twins, moving in harmony.
Guilt in an android!
Loving, and losing.
Man should not love machine.
Very good episode.
112 / 1:15
Too short a season
An old man growing younger. Choosing not to grow old with his wife, not to even ask his wife. But - rejuvenation doesn't work. Doing the past over doesn't work. Revenge doesn't either.
Why is youth so important?
War is a choice.
118 / 1:16
When the bough breaks
Physical hurt - and the other kind...
Desperate situations.
Unlimited development of talent - or living with your family?
Passive resistance. Hunger strike.
Too much science is not good.
117 / 1:17
Home soil
Inorganic life, beautiful.
The definition of life.
"Ugly bags of mostly water." ;-)
Unintended destruction.
119 / 1:18
Coming of age
Mystery - what is the point of that investigation?
Covert tests.
The correct answer to disrespect.
A glimmer of something - a conspiracy.
Running away solves nothing.
120 / 1:19
Heart of glory
Looking through somebody else's eyes.
How Klingon is Worf? What is Klingon nature and culture anyway?
How Star Fleet is Worf?
Good one!
121 / 1:20
The arsenal of freedom
Peace through weapons?
A superior weapon killing its creators.
123 / 1:21
Withdrawal, drugs, dealing in drugs, deceit...
Negotiating with a kidnapper.
Using (abusing?) P.D.?
122 / 1:22
Skin of evil
A death in the crew. A burial. Touching.
A race "shedding" their evil side. Or? What is evil anyway?
Negotiating with a kidnapper.
Love of life. In a good life, death is acceptable.
124 / 1:23
We'll always have Paris
Time manipulation.
Old love, of Jean-Luc. Closure. Great actor!
125 / 1:24
When does one believe in a conspiracy?
A small arc (1:18 + 1:24).
126 / 1:25
The neutral zone
Our crew / 20th century people.
The challenge of life: improve and enrich yourself.

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