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Number / Name Why I liked it
56 / 3:6
Spectre of the gun
The wild west.
Mind over matter.
Test: is it possible to pressure people into murder?
57 / 3:13
Elaan of Troyius
A spoiled (unreasonable) behavior should be answered with firmness (reasonableness).
58 / 3:3
The paradise syndrome
Kirk and the indians meet.
If a stressed leader suddenly is able to relax.
59 / 3:2
The Enterprise incident
What is loyalty?
The captain, insane.
Deeply undercover.
Our captain, disguised as the enemy.
2 high ranking officers, one tempting the other. A woman tempting a man. The untempttable man, tempted. Then, a woman scorned.
Grand indeed.
60 / 3:4
And the children shall lead
Without supporters evil can't spread.
You don't have to understand what's going on to help evil?
Reality conquers fear?
61 / 3:1
Spock's brain
Nobody must kill anybody.
62 / 3:5
Is there in truth no beauty?
Unusual camera angles.
63 / 3:12
The empath
The empath is beautiful and good, and has beautiful music.
The scenery is very simple - sometimes just light and darkness - and works.
The will to live, to give your life for others, curiosity, are all good qualities.
64 / 3:9
The Tholian web
Why is the captain the captain, which human qualities does he need?
65 / 3:8
For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky
66 / 3:7
Day of the dove
Confidence and help.
No one can guarantee the actions of somebody else.
Those who hate must stop on their own initiative.
Wars are conducted by people, who are not in danger themselves.
Laughter is a good weapon against war.
67 / 3:10
Plato's stepchildren
Size, shape and color doesn't matter.
If a tyrant forces somebody else to choose between only bad things - then who is to blame for a bad thing happening?
It is good to consider the lifes of others before ones own.
68 / 3:11
Wink of an eye
The one I remember seeing on TV when I was a child.
69 / 3:17
That which survives
70 / 3:15
Let that be your last battlefield
Rascism. Slavery.
Death before broken principles.
Peace, individual rights, no violence.
Change is enescapable.
Give up your hate.
71 / 3:14
Whom Gods destroy
Perfect impersonation. How to break it.
The insane controlling the asylum.
Humane treatment of the mad.
72 / 3:16
The mark of Gideon
The Enterprise, totally empty.
Diplomats and bureaucrats are too slow.
The language of diplomacy.
Overpopulation, no possibility of being alone. No sickness, no death - no good. No pain.
Experiencing pain for the first time.
Seeing up through a glass table.
Love of life = no birth control?
73 / 3:18
The lights of Zetar
Scott falling in love.
Physical beings turning into energy, wanting to become physical again.
74 / 3:21
The cloudminders
A paradise. A false one, with violence hidden away. Class system, almost slavery. Torture. Seeing the slaves as inferior people.
Personal sacrifice is advanced.
Not believing in science.
75 / 3:20
The way to Eden
Intergalactic hippies, meeting our crew. I.H.'s are unrealistic.
Spock in a jam session!
Eden may look nice, but is dangerous.
Rather death than - facing reality?
76 / 3:19
Requiem for Methusaleh
Leaving a "wrong" sociey, living alone.
Intellect is first.
Humans have ugly sides, has to.
Creating emotions in an android. By abusing people. But it won't work.
The human right of choice.
Love is good - grand!
77 / 3:22
The savage curtain
Scotty in a kilt!
To fight or not to fight.
The right way to fight a war, the right reasons to.
If Kirk met Lincoln - if Spock met Surat.
78 / 3:23
All our yesterdays
Kirk and our past, 17th century England.
Spock, frustrated, without his logic, his shield against feelings - falling in love, kissing, smiling - but of course he can't stay that way.
79 / 3:24
Turnabout intruder
Kirk on the outside, an evil woman on the inside. And vice versa.
Revenge doesn't work. And looks pathetic.
Resistance by being passive.
A woman can't be captain.

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