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Number / Name Why I liked it
30 / 2:7
Our crew meets witches.
Loyal, brave, not bribable.
31 / 2:9
Immortality. Or freedom?
An inter-racial relationship. With an important lie/omission.
Life is better with obstacles.
Accept eventual death, for the joy of the moment.
32 / 2:11
Friday's child
Apologizing when you're wrong.
Hurt feelings less important than a hurt arm. No taboos for the doctor!
33 / 2:2
Who mourns for Adonais?
Our crew meets a "Greek God".
A "God", wanting worshop, demanding it, needing it.
A woman, angering a "God".
A historian meets history.
34 / 2:1
Amok time
An extreme need to mate, to marry. In extreme privacy.
A logical creature, suddenly emotional. And when logical again, has an emotional slip.
The captain disobeys orders, to save his friend.
Friends having to fight to the death.
The captain dies! Well, almost.
Vulcan culture.
Having is not as good as wanting.
35 / 2:6
The doomsday machine
A weapon, capable of destroying both sides.
A captain losing a command - and losing his mind? Suicidal.
A helpless captain seeing his ship in danger.
A senseless death, later making sense.
36 / 2:14
Wolf in the fold
Pleasure above all.
37 / 2:3
The changeling
The engineer dies! But is repaired.
The communications officer is erased. And is like a child.
Computers like the logical science officer. :-)
The logical road to suicide.
38 / 2:5
The apple
Non-violent people. No love either. No aging. No "feeling and touching". Innocents discovering all this.
The right to grow.
Who decides what happiness is?
Prime directive.
39 / 2:4
Mirror, mirror
A more violent version of our universe.
It is illogical to side with the loser.
A strong woman (Uhura).
One man can make a difference.
40 / 2:12
The deadly years
Kirk as an old man!
41 / 2:8
I, Mudd
You have to have freedom to do whatever you want to, including hurt yourself.
Practical application of logic.
42 / 2:15
The trouble with tribbles
Kirk drowning in tribbles.
A population explosion.
43 / 2:25
Bread and circuses
Parallel development, resulting in the Romans existing in the 20th century. And with slavery as an institution.
Prime directive.
A friendship where one didn't expect it.
Roleplaying (1).
44 / 2:10
Journey to Babel
Conflict between father and son.
Feeling of duty.
Differences between cultures.
45 / 2:19
A private little war
To fight or die.
The right choice is to make a peaceful people violent!
War is not a good life, but it's a life.
Not a happy end!
46 / 2:16
The gamesters of Triskellion
"Mentally superior" does not equal slavery, rascism, murder!
47 / 2:13
48 / 2:18
The immunity syndrome
I wonder what would happen to mankind, if you could always feel it when a human died?
When colleagues are also friends.
49 / 2:17
A piece of the action
If our people met the gangsters in Chicago.
Why the prime directive is good.
A creative solution to a problem.
50 / 2:22
By any other name
It is good to have senses! And feelings.
51 / 2:20
Return to tomorrow
Senses/feelings are good.
Humans do things, sometimes because they are dangerous.
If somebody we know as serious and honest becomes joking and crooked.
Life can be such, that death is better - for the sake of other people.
52 / 2:21
Patterns of force
One should not interfere.
Power corrupts.
53 / 2:24
The ultimate computer
Computers always have one more bug.
You can't be loyal to a machine.
54 / 2:23
The omega glory
Yangs/kohms (yankees/communists) after the war.
Bacterial warfare is stupid.
Eternal life is impossible.
The American constitution is good.
55 / 2:26
Assignment: Earth
Our crew in the "present".
Some people helping Earth, in secret.
Technology and science developed faster than the social sciences.
Violence is wrong.

(1) I used to play RPG's.

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