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Enterprise, Season 3

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Number / Name Why I liked it
053 / 3:1
The Xindi
A new mission.
New personnel. Soldiers... 2 teams trying to work together.
Fun with gravity.
Nightmare. Massage / an excuse to get 2 crew members together.
A very good beginning.
054 / 3:2
Pirates stealing irreplaceable goods.
Circumstances turning good people into bad.
055 / 3:3
An alternative method to reproduce. Total transformation. But the leader is still the leader.
Instinct, racial memory.
056 / 3:4
Gossip - we don't care.
Runaway slave.
Seduction? Rape? Espionage?
An uneasy alliance.
057 / 3:5
Losing emotional control. Paranoia.
058 / 3:6
Paranoia? Hallucination? Ah - telepathy. And exile.
All your secrets revealed - unsettling.
059 / 3:7
The shipment
He supplies materials for weapons, no questions asked. He is also a nice old man. Is he responsible?
060 / 3:8
What's going on? Amnesia? Alternate reality? Framed?
What if you lost the ability to form new memories? How would you, and people around you react? What if the last mission you remember, is long over?
A non-human in uniform.
Grief. Volunteering to share in the tragedy.
A possible future.
Fun with time and reality.
061 / 3:9
North Star
Racism. Slavery. But change is possible.
If our crew were cowboys.
Freedom can't be for all.
062 / 3:10
Death of a crew member.
Is it okay to breed one person, solely to be an organ donor? And to let the harvesting of that organ kill the donor?
Genetic memory.
A glimpse of the past.
Romance. A kiss.
A difficult mission turning a leader more cynical.
Accepting destiny.
Very good.
063 / 3:11
Carpenter Street
Time travel. To our time.
A peak at one of the toys in action.
064 / 3:12
Chosen realm
Religion. Pilgrimage. Means and ends. Kamikaze.
Cooperation with an enemy.
Peace through superior firepower - hm...
065 / 3:13
Proving ground
A human with blue horns. Heh.
An ally? New friends?
Peace through superior firepower - hm...
066 / 3:14
A possible future? Amnesia? Enemies become friends? The mission long over?
How to gain trust, super quick. Through manipulation. Simulation.
067 / 3:15
Romance. Jealousy? A kiss. And more.
Competition. Until the powers that be stops it. Heh.
Help - or rather making things worse?
Able to walk through walls - neat.
068 / 3:16
Doctor's orders
Turning responsibility over to someone unskilled.
Hallucinations? Paranoia?
Loss of control.
069 / 3:17
A sudden attack of motherhood.
Should the babies always be protected?
When is it time for mutiny? And who do you include?
070 / 3:18
Azati Prime
A deciding moment coming up. A farewell.
The enemy is just like us.
The emotionless sheds a tear.
The good leader.
The danger of believing unproven information.
071 / 3:19
Negotiations will work, where force won't.
Onslaught of emotions.
Addiction. Withdrawal.
Means and ends.
072 / 3:20
The forgotten
Dang emotions!
What do you say in an hour of grief?
An uneasy alliance. It's hard to build trust. It involves hard choices.
073 / 3:21
Fun with time. A generational ship.
Our crew, and their possible children. And other details of the possible future.
A family conflict.
074 / 3:22
The council
How do you choose who to trust?
Hope. A beginning.
A risk. A traitor, or a peace maker?
An organization dying to make room for war.
You never get used to losing a soldier under your command.
075 / 3:23
076 / 3:24
Zero hour
Means and ends...
Double climax.
Cool - suddenly the enemy is right in front of you.
The network explodes, gloriously.
Time for romance!
A significant death.
Time travel.

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