The Nokia night of the proms 2006 Enterprise, Season 3

Enterprise, Season 2

Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
028 / 2:1
Shockwave, part II
Breaking out of prison.
027 / 2:2
Carbon creek
First first contact.
A relative in the 1950s.
A Vulcan playing pool!
Prime directive.
Making a home in a strange place.
029 / 2:3
A serious attack. Detonating a bomb. Wounded - but keeps on fighting. Ready to die? A daring plan.
What relationship should a captain and his crew have?
031 / 2:4
Dead stop
Powerless, asking for help.
Perfect service. Perfect repair. For a bargain. Or - not so perfect.
A dead crewmember.
A kidnapping.
"Tommyknockers"-like computer.
"2001"-like station.
030 / 2:5
A night in sickbay
A sick crew-pet.
Sexual tension.
032 / 2:6
Helping people, who don't want help.
A female, Vulcan Rambo.
Giving people the spirit again.
033 / 2:7
The seventh
Repressed memory.
034 / 2:8
The communicator
Possible contamination of a culture. Die to prevent it.
Crude torture.
035 / 2:9
Irritation. Obsession. Violence.
036 / 2:10
Vanishing point
Fear. And nobody takes it seriously. I am changed. I lose abilities. I am invisible, and not quite here. I am dead?
037 / 2:11
Precious cargo
A mystery. A prisoner? kidnapping.
Good cop, bad cop.
038 / 2:12
The catwalk
Taking cover while a storm is passing. Cramped quarters. People "on the surface". Pirates.
Refugees. Followed.
039 / 2:13
Enemy mine? Enemies having to work together to survive.
040 / 2:14
A lethal disease. Connected with telepathy. Contracted suspiciously, "taboo" like AIDS. Actually contracted through rape, but still stigmatized. Career threat. How to fight the prejudice.
Sexually casual.
041 / 2:15
Cease fire
War. Contended area. Resettlement. Israel? An outside negotiator.
042 / 2:16
Future tense
A magical, mysterious ship. From the future?
Fun with time.
043 / 2:17
A prison break.
If our crew were smugglers.
Innocents imprisoned.
044 / 2:18
The crossing
An awesome, powerful stranger.
Hallucination. Out of body experience. Possession.
Beings of pure energy.
The freedom to choose.
045 / 2:19
Trial, mystery.
Move towards general justice.
"Not all Klingons are warriors." Happy to hear it.
046 / 2:20
Fun with zero gravity.
Visiting the family. Living rough. Meeting resistance. Brothers fighting, but eventually agreeing. Family or career?
A father dies.
A new leader.
047 / 2:21
The breach
A poor tribble!
A patient's right to say no to treatment.
Prejudice. Hatred. And an attempt to fight it. What kind of example are we setting for the children?
048 / 2:22
A peaceful meeting with a new species. A different way to reproduce. Slavery? Is it interference to change it?
049 / 2:23
Aliens visited Earth a long time ago. And we know who they were...
Friends transforming into enemies.
050 / 2:24
First flight
Test-pilots. Boldness or caution required?
Preparations for captainhood.
The close past. Foundation of a friendship.
051 / 2:25
Catching people for a reward, not caring whether they are actually criminals. - The prisoner helping the guard.
A "no inhibitions" virus.
052 / 2:26
The Expanse
Terrorism against Earth / a preemptive strike. A sister in danger. The result: anger and hatred. 9/11 overtones. And a search for a giant weapon.
Fun with time.
A shrink.
A difficult career choice.

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