Lise, 2006, E Taken

Voyager, Season 7

Tags: Science fiction Star Trek

Number / Name Why I liked it
247 / 7:1
Unimatrix zero, part II
A daring plan.
248 / 7:2
Extreme methods to help a sick friend. Very sick. Dying. A donor.
Independence, interdependence. Compassion, willingness to sacrifice.
249 / 7:3
A race. A friendly fight replacing a long war. Sabotage of the race, and the peace.
Romance. Miscommunication. Proposal. Wedding.
251 / 7:4
The policeman is also the criminal. Split personality? A sleeping agent, triggered by a message. Brainwashed - but if course it won't stick.
Unwilling to end the war.
250 / 7:5
Critical care
Can a doctor choose not to heal? How to prioritize healing. Ethics. Is it okay to hurt someone in order to help others?
252 / 7:6
Inside man
A fast way home? No. A trick. "Business" espionage.
255 / 7:7
Body and soul
Racism. Fighting against oppression.
One soul possessing another body. Male/female. Numb/feeling.
Sexual urge.
The rights of artificial persons.
256 / 7:8
Breaking PD and interfering.
The ensign as acting captain. Making errors, learning.
253 / 7:9
Flesh and blood, part I
Fighting for the rights of artificial life.
Same race, same cause? Yes...
254 / 7:10
Flesh and blood, part II
Personal development is hard, but necessary.
Religious icons.
Wanting to free a whole race, in any way possible. Can everybody be freed?
Revenge doesn't work.
Willing to lose freedom because of abused freedom.
257 / 7:11
One ship, but different areas exist in different times. Only few persons can cross over. Primarily the captain of then gets to her future. Will she change the past?
Having to win the confidence of a lot of "strangers". Or in some cases, getting surprising loyalty from "strangers".
Seeing a friend die.
258 / 7:12
Pregnancy. Surprise. Worrying. "Will my problems in childhood carry over?" Obsessing.
How to fight racism.
A lot of different moods shown with a walk down the same corridor - nice.
"Will I have the same problems in marriage as my mother?"
Good one.
259/ 7:13
Death penalty, death row. An innocent prisoner? Prejudice?
Letting the victims decide the punishment.
If a person repents, and truly changes - does responsibility and punishment still apply?
Courage. Forgiveness.
260 / 7:14
People who believe the war is still being fought.
Wise men seeking out the unborn Messiah? Do the parents believe? Do the believers? It is hard to interpret prophecy.
A duel.
Sex. Humor.
A deadly disease.
261 / 7:15
The void
A trap. A lot of trapped.
Turn thief? Or share, and cooperate? First give, then receive?
A first contact. A new language. Prejudice/tolerance.
262 / 7:16
Workforce, part I
If our crew were workers in an industrial world. In a society lacking workers.
Amnesia / false memories. Can love be erased?
A captain with less responsibility. Room for romance, relationship...
Everybody gets to show other sides of their personality.
Abandon ship! A few persons trying to repair a whole ship.
Single mother.
263 / 7:17
Workforce, part II
A wounded man comes to your door. What do you do?
It's dangerous to ask questions.
They will be happier without their memories.
A painful goodbye.
264 / 7:18
Human error
Dating. Emotions.
Imperfections. Mistakes.
265 / 7:19
A child omnipotent being, slated to be savior. And a worried father.
Captain = mother.
266 / 7:20
Author, author
Real time communication after years without.
Author, about to be published. Is it okay to write fiction close to reality? And then lie at crucial points?
Bigotry, perceived and real. The rights of other lifeforms.
Everybody, slightly different.
Turning the tables.
Really good!
267 / 7:21
Friendship one
The intention was friendship, the result...
Prime directive.
Prejudice. Mistaking stupidity for hostility, and help for attack.
268 / 7:22
Natural law
Prime directive.
269 / 7:23
Suddenly finding "family", far away from home. Stay with these people - or with the old, adopted family?
A weird kind of friendship (Neelix and Tuvok).
Fight? Run away? Risk death?
A goodbye. Touching.
270 / 7:24
Renaissance man
A mystery. The captain behaves oddly.
Very neat hologram-tricks.
Following orders or not?
A dramatic goodbye. He he.
271 / 7:25
Endgame, part I
A look at a possible future.
Bitterness, over illness and death.
"33 years to come up with Joe?"
Saying goodbye.
A birth. A responsible father.
A date. Between people, who actually know each other.
A shortcut home?
272 / 7:26
Endgame, part II
Trying to change the past, into something better.
A future self. More cynical. And not as trusting - even towards a past self! Less idealistic, more of a survivor.
A growing romance. In a world where partners might suddenly die.
Very impressive armor! Looks so good when it builds up.
Choosing life and cowardice - or possible death, and a bold strike in an old war?
A chance to take an old choice, and choose again...
An intelligent plan.
Finally home!

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