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Deep Space Nine, Season 7

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Number / Name Why I liked it
551, 7:1
Image in the sand
Vision. Interpreting it, following it.
Mourning. Helping a friend. Religion, ritual.
Disturbing news about mother.
A kind member of an arrogant race.
552, 7:2
Shadows and symbols
New version of old crewmember.
A quest. Destiny, even to be born. Hearing voices.
Am I the figment of somebody's imagination?
553, 7:3
Back in the usual surroundings, but not the same person anymore. Who am I?
Therapy. Guilt.
554, 7:4
Take me out to the holosuite
A very bad baseball team. Training. Trying to win. And - failing?
An old rival.
A 2001 moment: a ball turns into a space station.
555, 7:5
Finally among peers. And falling in love.
Austistic-like. Cured. Or not.
Good one.
555, 7:6
Treachery, faith, and the great river
A traitor.
The belief that persons are gods.
An epidemic. A sole survivor?
557, 7:7
Once more unto the breach
The right to die as one lived.
Nice shot of ships leaving a planet atmosphere.
Cruel teasing of an elderly.
Revenge doesn't work.
558, 7:8
The siege of AR-558
A B5 actor!
A wounded soldier/nephew. Every life, and every death, is important.
A lot of darkness.
559, 7:9
Religion. False gods - but who is to say?
A warrior turned priest - will it last? Has he really started loving his enemies? And if he is frail - does that mean the religion is false?
A suicide sect.
560, 7:10
It's only a paper moon
Trying to learn to live a handicap. Escaping into a dream world, recovering. And then the hard re-entry into real world.
An artificial person comes a step closer to real life.
I like it.
561, 7:11
Prodigal daughter
The daughter, who hasn't seen her family for years, and who's changed a lot. And who's still changing/adjusting.
A mother keeping her children down.
Something goes wrong - and everybody feels guilty.
562, 7:12
The emperor's new cloak
Alternate universe. Apparently where everybody's stupid.
563, 7:13
Field of fire
A murderer. Jekyll and Hyde? A repression surfacing? Tapping into a past as murderer to understand the current killer. Trying to make a psyche profile. But doing it without turning into a new murderer.
A sneaky weapon.
Repressing emotions.
564, 7:14
One orphan finding another.
Conforming, too much?
Romance. Choosing between love and independence. Loving enough to let go.
A very close connection.
566, 7:15
Badda-bing, badda-bang
If our crew lived in Vegas in 1962.
Good fun.
565, 7:16
Inter arma enim silent leges
Spying. Everybody's lying.
567, 7:17
Setting down, soon to be husband and wife. Maybe.
POW? Dead? A ex-wife searching. Finding him, but then they both are lost. And have a good fight - and make up.
A dying god - awful.
A vision, a warning.
568, 7:18
'Til death us do part
A vision.
Calling off a wedding. Misery. And then doing it anyway.
2 great, scheming minds getting together. Both religious.
Ex-spouses back together - except she's into somebody else.
569, 7:19
Strange bedfellows
Finally word from the prophets - and then it's false prophets! Fighting. Then somehow making that work.
An alliance, bothersome for a while, now turns really stinky.
A weakling hating to see himself in the mirror - and then he's too weak to smash the mirror! Cute.
Ex-lovers coming to terms.
570, 7:20
The changing face of evil
People attacking not just us, but our very homes - argh!
Studying an ancient, evil text. Plotting.
One of our favorite ships abandoned, destroyed.
571, 7:21
When it rains...
Helping a former enemy, now an ally.
A familiar person, a familiar uniform - but not a familiar combination.
A friend diagnosed with a deadly disease. A war might be won by not finding a cure the enemy can steal. So what to do? And then a deeper secret: planned genocide.
Struck blind for hubris. And then a lesson in humility.
A good general replaced by a politician.
572, 7:22
Tacking into the wind
Sick. But still at work.
Between some enemies there can be no peace.
A bold move to gather intelligence.
Dealing with bad leadership. And suddenly one of our crewmembers is the new emperor? No, but still part of history.
573, 7:23
Extreme measures
Dying from a loved one. And then: a wonder cure.
Manipulating the manipulaters. Spying on the spies.
A mechanical telepathic link. Taking a walk in another persons mind.
574, 7:24
The dogs of war
Somebody beams in, and it's not a main character!
A trap.
"I have been used!"
War crimes.
One of our crew elevated to ruler. Time to clean up! Or not.
How to start a revolution.
749, 7:25
What you leave behind
A family morning.
The final battle of the war. Genocide.
A religious ritual. Done by evil people, who of course fight and betray each other. And of course won't succeed.
The final episode - and everybody scatters. Relationships are put on hold. Personal sacrifice for the greater good. Captured in a touching song and flashback sequence.
Endings - but also cliffhangers.

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