2:15 The brain of colonel Barham 2:17 The probe

2:16 The premonition

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Plot / themes
A test pilot. A crash landing? To the pilot and his wife, the rest of the world is now frozen in time, slightly in the past. Or almost frozen. Their daughter about to be run over by a truck. And with a deadline, or they will be trapped in this limbo.
Is there a creature in this weird limbo? Ah yes - someone to explain what will happen, and a threat.
Plot in short
A story so removed from me, it's hard to relate.
Relevancy of plot
An endless, boring walk around the frozen moment.
Plot is thought provoking
See below.
Realism in plot
Urgh! The helmet is steaming up.
First the guard opens the gate, and then he refuses entry! Later he simply opens the gate for a speeding jeep.
A leap in thinking when the pilot guesses what's going on.
A plan to stop the truck - when it would probably be easier to stop the little girl.

Believable characters

Touching characters


Nice - cutting between test-pilot and wife in car - and instead of seeing him crashland, we see her ditch the car - looks good, and must've been much cheaper.
1st time
Once more than enough. 2/10.

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