2:4 Expanding human 2:6 Cry of silence

2:5 Demon with a glass hand

Tags: Me Outer limits Review Science fiction

Plot / themes
The eternal man. A man with only 10 days of memories. A device with all knowledge - very easy to grasp, that since the device is a hand, missing 3 fingers, it is not complete. The last man in the future - a hero. A war. The man accepts death. The device goes on, with an added finger. And the (eternal) man is easy to revive. A woman falling in love with the man - hm... Unwilling killer. Neither wants to kill, but choose to do it anyway. Ah - a twist. And a tragedy. For them both.
The repeated question: what is going on?
Plot in short
Relevant - reluctance to kill - the impossible love - yeah.
Relevancy of plot
Thought provoking - who am I?
Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot
Methinks the enemy is a bit careless with the hand and the 3 fingers.

Believable characters

Touching characters


The enemy disappears in a flash of light - thankfully no sound effect.
1st time
I'll have to see it again to make up my mind - it is either very deep or very shallow... So far: 5/10.

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