2:3 Behold Eck! 2:5 Demon with a glass hand

2:4 Expanding human

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Plot / themes
We use only a little of our brain capacity - there is a way to use more. Expanding consciousness. Expanding everything about a human. Among these the powers of pursuation. Telepathy? Charisma? Nice anyway. "Hypnosis". Ah - and then somebody dies. Superior = evil? Superior = not caring whether the inferior lives. And then the super-smart makes some dumb moves - guess he wasn't so smart after all.
Dr. Jekyll / mr. Hyde.
Plot in short
Relevant - learn humility!
Relevancy of plot
Thought provoking - yes
Plot is thought provoking
Realistic - yeah
Realism in plot


Believable characters

Touching characters
Trying to describe what expanded consciousness is like. Quite poetic. And making the police officers uncomfortable ;-)

Reactions to seeing a dead man. Slow close up. Nice.
The mystery. What does the "expanded" human look like? Nicely revealed.
First time
One for the collection - 7/10

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