2:2 Cold hands, warm heart 2:4 Expanding human

2:3 Behold Eck!

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Plot / themes
A 2-dimensional being, usually invisible. Ho-hum. Dangerous, powerful, but benign. Ah, but also like a hurt animal. A related danger, a deadline. Some want to help and understand, some are afraid. Boring.
Plot in short
Relevant - the thing about the fear - but it would have been better to see them conquer that fear. The rest: garbage.
Relevancy of plot
Thought provoking - no.
Plot is thought provoking
Realism - well no:
Why don't they tell anybody about the danger sooner, get help?
The key is to make glasses for the being - ha!
Suddenly, within hours, the being is a friend.
The being can at will pluck out an eye and turn it 3-dimensional!!!
Realism in plot

Believable - well, yeah
Believable characters
Touching - not really
Touching characters
"It left like a banshee." What does that mean???


1st time
Okay if it is also the last time - could barely stand to watch it once - 2/10

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