2:1 Soldier 2:3 Behold Eck!

2:2 Cold hands, warm heart

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Plot / themes
Going away, coming back physically changed. Mentally as well? Was there life out there, and what did it do to him? It's progressive - what is happening to him? I think I will be disappointed if he is just turning into an alien - thankfully he isn't. His wife fears losing him, mentally. They find a way to treat the body, so the mind will stay. Held back by the love of his wife? And then a wonder cure? Blech! It is dangerous to go away, but we should still keep doing it.
Plot in short
Relevant - seen as change in general, hm - a little
Relevancy of plot
Thought provoking - not really
Plot is thought provoking
Realistic - yeah
Realism in plot
That capsule burns an awful lot of fuel!
Believable - the general is maybe a bit over the top
Believable characters
Touching - at some points, almost
Touching characters



1st time
Yeah, worth one more look. 5 / 10

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