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Review of “Refleksioner” (“Reflections”), by Stig W. Jørgensen, read in Det virtuelle cocktailparty (The Virtual Cocktail Party).

Outline: Longer and shorter articles about time grammar, SF swearwords, and other stuff. Some of these are from the blog Ekkorummet (Echo space).

Is it good? As I've noted earlier, I find Stig intelligent, a good writer, etc. (Or, I think I've said it earlier. Or, maybe that was on another time line?) So it's just yummy to get some more. At the same time, it's nice to know that, if there's not enough Proximas in the world, you can just read Ekkorummet, too. And then I have to admit, that even though I'm subscribed to Ekkorummet, there's a lot here I hadn't read before. Even though I'm very much for stuff being available electronically, and read short stories and novels electronically, there's something about long blog posts that takes it out of me. Blog posts are supposed to be short; that's my state of mind, when I read blogs. So hurray for a second chance to read it here!

Note: I've also read the 2 remaining parts of the book, even though I haven't talked about them ("Portrætter"/”Portraits” and "Punktnedslag"/”Hitting points”). I'm just not saying anything about them, because I'm not a big lover of Erwin Neutzsky-Wullf, Brian W. Aldiss, Samuel R. Delany, John Crowley, Arthur C. Clarke, interviews, and reviews. But, I'm very flattered to see my own name on p 293. Blush ...

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