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Eyes in the sky

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Review of jne (Eyes) (free), by Lars A.R. Stender.

Outline: 2026. Todd, NASA-flightcontroller. NASA and ESA working together. Mission to the Moon. And then the team disappears.

Is it science fiction? Mission to the Moon in the future: check.

Themes: NASA and ESA have to work together, because USA isn't as strong as it used to be. There's actually a possibility the Chinese "vanished" the NASA/ESA team. On the 14th hand: it could be E.T.? Luckily we know from Roswell that E.T. can't handle our bacteria, so we're prepared if the threat is coming from there. -- There's also a fantastic super plane, and a man with pathces on his eyes.

Is it good? No. That's the short version. I only got about 100 pages into this 565 page giant. My primary problem is the language. 1st sentence on 1st page: "The ghostly, taunting and hungry atmospheric noise filled earth controls command center." My, that's a clever noise! And before getting much further, there's an infodump (on page 2!), and English expressions weirdly translated. Americans calculate amounts in DKK. On yeah, and suddenly there's an all knowing narrator, commenting, that a certain line of thought isn't a waste of time (I doubt the thinker would think this). -- On top of that it feels like painful recycling, that E.T. can't handle a cold. -- The back of the book tells me, that there will be a new mission to the Moon, and the one with the eye patches will join it. But more than 100 pages into the book, there's a huge gallery of people still being introduced (presidents, flight leaders, astronauts etc.). So I stopped reading. -- It's interesting, that USA isn't a super power anymore, and yes, I would have liked to know, what was going on on the Moon. But I didn't have the energy.

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