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Under, but not dead

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If you want a review of Under the dome by Stephen King, I suggest you skip to this one from RevolutionSF (Van Allen Plexico). If however you want a sample of the energetic dialogue, stick around.

"I checked the other shed just to make sure, thought somebody might have moved the tanks --" [said Twitch]
"Why would anyone want to do that?" [said Rusty]
"I dunno, O Great One."
"Let him sleep. And I'm not going to call him The Wiz anymore. Given how hard he's worked since this shit came down, I thing he deserves better." [said Rusty]
"Ah so, sensei. You have reached a new level of enlightenment."
"Blow me, grasshopper."

Chapter "Madness, blindness, astonishment of the heart", sub-chapter 9 / page 200-201.

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