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Star Trek

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I know a lot of good gossip. But as we have a tape recorder on, let me just say: George Takei is an honorable man: he comes on time, knows his lines, and welcomes guest actors. He is obliging, so the episode finishes on time and within budget. Yes, he is a joy, a God!

David Lally

I imagine you can't go to big SF-con like Imagicon 2, wihtout Stat Trek being mentioned here and there and everythere. That's what happened this time anyway. So let me give you a few quotes.

Classically a story needs a conflict. As the federation is perfect, Enterprise has to travel to some other, non-perfect place, and find some fools to have a conflict with.

Hard SF is to have a certain relationship to science. Technobabble isn't enough, therefore ST isn't hard SF.

What if you've never seen SF on TV before? Where to begin? Star Trek! In part because this series inspired so many others, in part because it's not so complicated.

(Karolina Bjällerstedt Mickos brought some toys along.)

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