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As I said, my main hobby is music. I started singing when I was 12 years old, and for many years my biggest dream was to sing like Olivia Newton-John. I've also admired the Danish band Shubidua for years, they have such great lyrics, and I wanted to write as good as they do. (In fact I've had new tunes written for a few of my texts :-) Queen was added to the collection of idols later, after I had a chance to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh, Freddie has such a great voice as well. Miss you, Freddie! And recently, Robbie Williams has been added to the CD collection. Great lyrics. But I guess my favorite piece of music of all times (the one I put on when I'm stressed, sad, or just want to enjoy life a bit more) is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. This led to me listening to other pieces of his music, going to Hamburg to a concert and so on. And now - well, I'm hooked. And it doesn't help one bit that a lot of my friends are bigger fans than me!

And let me just repeat that: Olivia Newton-John, Shubidua, Queen, Mike Oldfield, Robbie Williams.

Or you can listen to my contribution to the tributation project (a project to make a CD with Mike Oldfield music, played by his fans), one clap.

Or how about an Olivia Newton-John discography. Why? Because nobody else had made it!

Check out Events, with some Oldfield events from my life.

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